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SRAM X9 9-Speed Rear Derailleur (discontinued)

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2012 SRAM S9 9-Speed Rear Derailleur
 SRAM X9 9-Speed Rear Derailleur  SRAM X9 9-Speed Rear Derailleur
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Sram X9 9S Derailleur

The Good:

Great Price / Quality Rato

The Bad:

Little Bit heavy

Overall Review:

One of the Best Derailleurs you could ask for it may not be as light as the x0 but its just as durable. if its the short cage option than again the x0 has a slightly shorter cage and a slightly stiffer spring.iv had a x9 setup on my 4" slope bike for 3 years riding hard and it still shifts as smooth as day one.
i recently had shimano drivetrain on my DH rig and it was alright but i kept breaking shift cables, like 2 or 3 a week (i ride almost everyday) Slapped a X9 setup on there and spent 3 weeks at whistler riding all day everyday and didnt break a shift cable once needless to say

I Miss the Old SRAM

The Good:

easy to tune, good value, nice color options

The Bad:

flimsy cage, less than optimal shifting performance

Overall Review:

While there are certainly qualities to like about this new X.9 derailleur from SRAM, there are a few to gripe about too.

I have been running the 10sp X.9 for 3 months now. It replaced a 10sp X.7 when I bent that cage bent beyond repair. Looking to upgrade to a D that was more durable but wouldn't break the bank, I landed with the X.9 on my tool bench. Initial impressions were good, it installed with no drama, and was painless to dial into proper tension and alignment.

The shifting performance of the X.9 felt just about the same, maybe a touch quicker, as the X.7 it replaced, which was no slouch. I suppose my complaint stems from using 9sp SRAM drivetrains from the mid/late 2000's that had a snappy, secure feel. The old SRAM drivetrain feel has been lost in this new generation. The new stuff feels more like Shimano than SRAM. In fact, if it weren't for differences in shifters, I am not sure if you could tell a difference between the two nowadays.

I have also found that this D is not as stout or stable as I would have liked. It takes very little misguided force to through off the derailleur alignment. In the three short months I have been running the X.9 I have frequently had to stop mid ride to inspect and adjust the D because it started skipping or shifting poorly, sometimes without external force to the derailleur. One hill it's fine, the next it's skipping through gears 4-6. Kinda peculiar and quite annoying.

Overall, the X.9 gets the job done in a stylish, lightweight package that is easy to setup. Like most people, I prefer as little fuss out of my drivetrain as possible. The less your D is on your mind, the better it's working. With the X.9, I find myself thinking about it's unpredictable shifting performance a lot and find myself giving quick little turns of the barrel adjuster here and there to keep things running smoothly. Kinda fussy if you ask me.

crisp, reliable shifting

The Good:

positive, reliable and crisp shifting. value

The Bad:

bulky footprint compared to shimano saint, xt and zee rear derailluers

Overall Review:

I have a x9 short cage 9 speed rear derailluer that has survived three seasons of heavy duty bike park use. It's beat up and slightly bent  but the shifting is still crisp and reliable.  I personally love the postive feel of sram shifting versus Shimano.

The only gripe I would have about the x9 rear derailluer is the bulky profile of the component.  It's much bigger than Saint, Zee and XT rear derailluers.


Product SRAM X9 9-Speed Rear Derailleur
Riding Type Cross Country, Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Speeds 9-Speed
Clutch No
Cage Length Short, Medium, Long
Weight 0 lb 7.2 oz (204 g)
Miscellaneous Materials: Forged 6061 Aluminum Alloy Links and Forged B-Knuckle, High Strength Grilon Composite Painted P-Knuckle, Aluminum Cage (Long, Medium), Composite Cage (Short)

Outer Cage: ADC6 Die-Cast AL Polished
Inner Cage: 6061-D-Stamp or Composite
Bearings: Sealed Cartridge Bearing Upper Pulley
Bolts: 7075 Alloy

Technology: 1:1 Actuation, DiRT Direct Route
Price $86
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