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Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar

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 Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar  Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar  Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar
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Answer Pro taper

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Weight, Strength, Stiffness, Feel

The Bad:


Overall Review:

The bars I have on my current bike are 25mm rise.

To mirror one of the comments below, the vast majority of bars of this price seem similar in build quality. No doubt there are a few manufactures that produce bars that are either exceptionally heavy or too weak, however, the answer pro tapers certainly do not fall into either category.

In over a years use their performance has been flawless. They are very comfortable, with nice up and back sweep angles. The bars have markings/guidelines to enable the user to shorten the bars from their original 780mm length. I personally found this very useful, having now settled on 760mm.

The only slight criticism I have of these bars (similar to other users) is their finish. The anodizing appears to scratch very easily. Yes, it is only cosmetic, but if you are a bit OCD like me then you can appreciatethat looks are still important! No doubt the scratches are a result of user error, either through crashing or turning the bike upside down.

Overall, they are light, strong and perform as well as I could ever need a set of bars to. I think the best compliment to these bars would be to say they are nice and forgettable. Stick them on your bike and they do exactly what they were designed to do, no fuss!

When picking bars I reckon most manufactures are on a similar performance level and that appearance and price will most likely dictate the type of bar used by most riders. Needless to say though, I would fully recommend the pro tapers to anyone based on my experience.

Answer pro taper

The Good:

various rise options, colors, width and stiffness

The Bad:

none, i really like these

Overall Review:

I run the aluminum bars on my demo uncut with a 1" riser and absolutely love them. I use the larger rise on the demo because I have a direct mount so with the rise it makes the perfect height for my liking. I am no expert in the air so I fortunately can say they have been abused and have no problems bending so far after a couple seasons, me well thats another story im surprised I haven't made the fails but its practice.

I also have the carbon bars on my "enduro" machine with a low rise. I can say they are just as strong and true as ever. Best bars I have ridden and have used a majority from bontragers(stock), ODI's, carbon havocs, and a couple others I can not recall. I was a little concerned with a low rise but I have found my my perfect set ups on my bikes.

Answer Protaper DH,

The Good:

Strong, well priced, nice and wide, comfortable hand position.

The Bad:

Lighter options available (but more expensive)

Overall Review:

STATS. So, Answer have been around for a while, they make a bunch of Moto stuff, and their bike stuff isn't half bad either. The 780mm Protaper DH is, as the name suggests, their downhill/FR (does FR even exist anymore?) bar. It weighs in around 335gm, so its not super light, but it's not as heavy as some offerings either, and it's price is definitely competitive. The Protaper DH utilises a slightly flatter and straighter design (8 degree backsweep, 4 degree upsweep) compared to most bars (9 degree x 5 degree) and at 780mm wide are on the restrained side of the width war (some brands have made it out to 830mm). I'm not an expert on body geometry, but this design felt good to me, keeping my hands down low and in a comfortable position.

PERFORMANCE. On the trail these bars were faultless. My hands were comfortable on 15minute DH runs, and they kept me in control in hairy situations many a time. They weren't so stiff as to transmit every last jolt into my palms, but that being said, I never noticed any flex during riding (for reference, I'm 80kg/186cm). They just sat there, looked good, and got on with the job.

Durability was also good, surviving two bikes, countless DH/AM/Slalom runs, and a few hectic crashes. The paintwork held up quite well (much better than the Atlas, and a bit better than the Gravity 800) and stayed looking fresh for ages.

OPINION.I'll be blunt about it, I love these bars. I've had a few big bars (Gravity 800, Funn Full On 750, Race Face Atlas) but these were definitely my favourite so far. I'd recommend them for anyone looking for a solid bar on a big big, and would also consider putting one on a burly 6in bike.

Wide and light

The Good:

I think most handlebars in this price range will be pretty similar in terms of strength, the one thing i noticed right away about these ones is the weight and how light they are. They feel really nice and are nice and stiff. Also having some color options is nice as well.

The Bad:

The only thing i noticed is that the color is fading on the top of the bars. Not really a big deal but kind of weird.

Overall Review:

Super happy with these strong, stiff, wide, light bars. Would highly recommend.

Pro Taper Bars

The Good:

Bars are unreal! The rise is perfect and the roll on them just feels right. I like my bars a little thinner than the stock 780mm and thanks to Answer they make it a lot easier for me to get them to 750mm because they mark where to cut on each end so the rider is easily able to set there width exactly where they want it. I feel confident in these handlebars when I ride, they are strong, well rolled and look great.

The Bad:

Bars: May be a little wide straight out of the box but once a little trim is done to suit they are perfect. They tend to scratch/wear easily, though.

Overall Review:

Overall the bars are great. Can't complain.

780 hangers!

The Good:

wide, clear measurement marks for cutting, nice bend, stiff enough for DH and hucking, but has slight give for vibration assist.

The Bad:

paint scratches a little too easily

Overall Review:

Very good handle bars that give you comfort and control in a sweet looking package! at 780mm these bars are some of the widest on the market, but that doesn't mean some of us shorter riders cant cut the down a bit with the easy to use cut markers.


Product Answer ProTaper 780 DH Handlebar
Riding Type Trail, Freeride / Bike Park, Downhill, Dirt Jump / Slopestyle
Material Aluminum
Material Details
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Width 780mm
Rise 12.5mm, 25.4mm
Upsweep 4°
Backsweep 8°
Colors Red, Gold, Black, White
Weight 0 lb 11.8 oz (335 g)
Price $65
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