Smith Squad MTB Goggles

Smith Squad MTB Goggles Smith Squad MTB Goggles
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Product Smith Squad MTB Goggles
Features Vented Cylindrical Carbonic-X Lens with Anti-Fog Treatment
Open Ventilation Paths for Maximum Airflow
Roll/Tear Offs Compatible Lens with In-Lens Tear Offs Posts
Includes Bonus Clear Tint Anti-Fog Treated Lens
Medium Fit
Sweat-X F.A.T. 3-Layer Face Foam for Sweat Management
Helmet Compatible
Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap
  1. ChromaPop Lenses:Reactor/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Black/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Cargo/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Neon Orange/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Fire/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror, French Blue/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Olive Unexpected/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Opal Unexpected/ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash, Ripped/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror, Rheeder ID/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror, Clear Archive 1990/ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror
  2. Standard Lenses:Archive 1994 Red/Red Sol-X Mirror, Lasso/Red Sol-X Mirror, Orange/Red Sol-X Mirror, Reactor Green/Red Sol-X Mirror, Archive 1991 Neon/Red Sol-X Mirror, Semenuk ID/Red Sol-X Mirror, Black Sublimated/Ignitor Mirror, Charcoal/Ignitor Mirror, Disruption/Ignitor Mirror, White/Ignitor Mirror, Linear/Green Sol-X Mirror, Feathers/Green Sol-X Mirror
Miscellaneous Lifetime Warranty
  1. ChromaPop Lenses:$85
  2. Standard Lenses:$60
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