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FOX 32 831 100 RLC Fit Fork (discontinued)

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Fox 32 831

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

The Fox 831 gives first impressions much like that of an expensive car or a work of art. Every contour, every inch of the fork just screams "look at me I'm better than you." It is truly an engineering masterpiece and Fox shows no intention of hiding that. Although many products are capable of looking nice to hide performance flaws, this is not at all the case with the 831. The 831 features a light yet stiff chassis, providing it with a steady base without the extra grams. A 15mm thru axle anchors it to the wheels, and although this seems to be a bit lacking for a dj fork, it actually provides an incredible amount of stiffness. The axle is quick and easy to use and requires little or no attention in terms of mechanics. The 831 also has Fox's CTD damper allowing for three settings of suspension tunability. Although this seems not to make sense for a dj fork, it actually provides a great variation of setups for different scenarios a dirt jumper might encounter, weather it is natural lines in the woods, slopestyle contests, pumptracks, skateparks, or a stair set. It is easily tunable for the riders liking and provides what is without a doubt the most responsive suspension I have tried to date. On top of that the 831 weighs in at almost a pound lighter than a Rock Shox Argyle RCT, which saves the weight to make the bike much more movable and controllable.

The Bad:

The price tag is a bit high for a dirt jump budget, and even then some will argue that the performance difference isnt there to be worth the extra money. Furthermore there are some apparent problems. Fox, likely to save weight and increase profit margin, equipped it with a CTD damper, and although I am a fan of this feature, many riders would rather it feature one of Fox's dampers more geared towards freeride, giving it more internal strength. This comes from many riders sharing experiences of blowouts with the fork. Fox recently moved to a 34mm body for the fork, and that change was for a reason. The fork likes to develop a bit of movement between the crown and the top of the stanchions. This creates a creaking sound that for any rider can be a bit troubling. The fork also is known to require more service than DJ forks from other brands.

Overall Review:

Overall the 831 is for a rider who doesn't want to compromise. If you have any connections to shops, or dealers, or you yourself can service it, I would certainly recommend this fork. I still know several people who ride very hard and have not had theirs serviced and are yet to have any problems with it. Personally I think this fork is on a level of its own, and although it has its drawbacks, it is the best fork for a rider searching for the absolute best possible setup.

Best You Can Buy!

The Good:

The Fox 831 is extremely light, stiff enough for dirt jumping, and feels absolutely amazing!

The Bad:

The only thing I can think of is the steep price, but what can I say, you're paying for the best of the best, and that 15qr limits hub choices, but now most companies make a 15mm hub, or sell adaptors for their 20mm's. Oh, and for those who complain about it not being stiff enough, just wait a year of two for when it comes out in 34.

Overall Review:

Bottom line is, if you have the money and you want the best, the Fox 831 is for you!


Product FOX 32 831 100 RLC Fit Fork
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Miscellaneous The 831 is a dirt jumper's dream fork. Engineered specifically for 4X, Dirt Jump, and Dual Slalom and their high demand on equipment, the 831 is based on Fox's 32 mm platform, FLOAT Air Spring technology, and the FIT RLC Damper. The FLOAT air spring has been optimized to provide more progression, and push back on the rider during high cornering loads. Stop dreaming and get this one on your DJ or 4X bike, but hurry up because at this special deal this dream will come to an end soon! 100mm travel FIT damping Low Speed Compression, Lockout, and Rebound controls 32mm stanchions 15mm thru axle 1 1/8 steer tube, uncut Post-style brake mount Approx. 4.05 lbsThis is anOE, or original equipment item. Components with thisdescription are from brand new bicycles which have been previously assembled,but never ridden. OE items may be delivered in plain packaging and may notinclude instructions. Because these items were removed from complete bicycles,they may show minor marks from the installation process. Each OE item has beenchecked to verify that it meets the same high standards as our other products,and Jenson USA offers the original warranty that comes with a consumer packeditem.
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