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MRP G2 Chainguide (discontinued)

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Old Faithful

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Burly, reliable.

The Bad:

Bulky, not the lightest option.

Overall Review:

To truly appreciate the success I've had with this chainguide, you need to know that the other half helping retain the chain was a Sram X5 long-cage derailleur. And yes, this setup was actually mounted on a DH bike. That's how companies get low prices on their lower-spec bikes. Cutting corners. Except in this case, the corner being cut hasn't caused issues in three years of downhill slamming and grating. MRP no longer produces the G2, but carried over the reliability of it to the G3; a refined successor. I will make some statements on the older guide and let you put faith in the progression of MRP's products.

The G2 is a full drivetrain protection device. This is for heavy hitting bikes who will see drops, G-outs, steep jump lips, and shark-fin rocks in their time of service. All of these occupational hazards are especially harsh on the chain and the chainrings. Like most chain retention devices, the G2 secures the chain by limiting wiggle room. The chain can budge, but it can't slip off into the bottom bracket are of the frame, also known as the bad mood button. The bottom retainer is a toothed pulley, which is what I personally prefer. It's perfectly quiet and makes more sense to me than having your chain rub along a static plastic surface like some guides. This does create an extra component to be worn down however, and I'm not sure if they perform better than plastic rollers in that department. They haven't shown signs of stopping yet, and they've seen three years of muddy and gritty fall seasons.

While the top cage and lower roller keep the chain on the chainring, the "taco" style bashguard keeps the chainring on your bike (you'd take it off if you bent it). The clear plastic is a safeguard against close encounters of the slab-kind. I'm sorry. Low bottom brackets and long travel help navigate craggy terrain, but they put your chainring's teeth in danger. This guard is slung under the bike and is angled to slide over the tall stuff, in case you hit it. This is a common design for bashguards, but MRP executes it perfectly.

I personally "tested" the bashguard's strength and functionality while attacking a stump-drop. The lead in was too slow and my front wheel landed before my weight was even over the stump. The guard hit the stump and bucked me over. I wish I could mount G2's to my elbows. The bike and guard were absolutely fine. The bash had transferred the impact very well and the guide remained in the position I had it adjusted to. All the hardware was still tight and where it should be. Besides the mechanical bull ride I just participated in, everything went great.

The G2 is made to do two things: protect your bike's teeth, and keep the chain in place. Both objectives are met.

My only issue is the unwieldy and elephantine nature of the guide. The boomerang is thick and no attempt at weight-reduction is made there. The G3 seems to have that covered, as well as having the more traditional mounting standard. I don't think the reliability would be sacrificed in the process.

Old but not the worst

The Good:

Good looking
Easy to find used

The Bad:

Had some chain drops

Overall Review:

I had some chain drop, but I guess the chain was too old and long . According to me a SRS+ or a LG1+ are a slightly better.


Product MRP G2 Chainguide
Riding Type
Speeds 1x
Tooth Range 36-40
Mounting Type BB, ISCG, ISCG-05
Bash Protection Yes
Weight 0 lb 9.3 oz (265 g)
Miscellaneous MRP G2 chain retention systems
ISCG and ISCG-05 mount tabs - adapter required for non-tabbed frames
Chainring BCDN/Amm
Price $76.48
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