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SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack

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SeaSucker Mini Bomber
 SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack  SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack  SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack  SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack  SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack
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SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack

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The Good:

Versatile Rack (use on various cars and bikes easily). Can be mounted on roof, trunk, or hatchback without permanent attachment. Lightweight - Includes spare vacuum pad and pump and pump maintenance.

The Bad:

$400 price tag. Does not include Cable Anchor.

Overall Review:

As with the other SeaSucker rack I own, I was initially very skeptical of securing my $5k+ bike to the car via vacuum cups. After some initial tugging and pulling HARD on a single cup that was attached to my roof, I instantly realized the power of the vacuum cups. Rated at 210 lbsof pull-strength per cup, the Mini Bomber has a total rating of 840 lb pull-strength which is mighty impressive in my mind.


Initial setup is quite easy and just requires a quick spray of the roof top to clean it of dust/dirt, and a quick spray on the vacuum cups before installation. Each cup only takes about 10-15 pumps to reach full suction power, and each pump has a white indicator letting you know that if it shows white, you need to add a few more pumps. SeaSucker includes two rear strap cups, a 5g Lube Tube for pump maintenance, and a spare vacuum pad and pump.


As stated above, installation takes only a few minutes and is very painless. I found that it is easier to strap the rear suction cup to the tire first so that you're not guessing on placement of the rear vacuum cup. There is no safety strap on the Mini Bomber in case the rack detaches, but with over 400+ miles of use I have not ran into any situation where the pumps lost suction, even with two mountain bikes on the racks for a highway trip.


I haven't found many issues with the Mini Bomber rack, other than wishing I had upgraded to the 15mm built in fork mounts so I would not need to use a fork-up each time. I also noticed that there is a noticeable whistling noise at speeds over 40 mph which gets annoying if my sunroof is open.At $400, the price tag might be hard to swallow, especially when most roof rack setups can be had for around $600 and can be used in winter months for boarding.


Being someone that has had bikes stolen, I was worried how a bicycle can be secured to the car to prevent theft. SeaSucker offers a Cable Window Anchor (sold separately for $30) so you can use a cable lock to secure the bike while you enjoy some post-ride margs. At $400 it would be nice to see this included with the rack.

Although I was worried if the rack could hold my bike at highway speed, I was quickly impressed with the SeaSucker technology and the strength of the vacuum cups. I have logged many highway miles with the Mini Bomber rack and have had no issues or concerns. Not having a permanent roof rack is a tough situation when trying to transport bikes, but the Mini Bomber is a great alternative if you can justify the price tag.


Product SeaSucker Mini Bomber Rack
Car Rack Type Roof-Top, Trunk-Mounted, Other (Hatchback-mounted)
Features Holds 2 Bicycles up to 45 lbs Each // Made for Roof Top, Trunk or Hatchback Attachment // Attaches to Metal, Glass or Fiberglass Surfaces // 3/4” Thick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Body // Two Heavy-Duty, Lockable Fork Mounts for 9mm Dropouts Standard // Four 6″ SeaSucker Vacuum Cups on Body (210 lb. Pull-Strength Rated Each) // Approximate 27”x 8” Footprint // Weighs Approximately 12 lbs.
Miscellaneous Substitute One or More 15mm or 20mm Fork Mounts for the Standard 9mm Fork Mounts for $5.00 each
Price $400
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