Race Face Cinch BSA30 Bottom Bracket

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Buy, replace, repeat.
The Good
Easy to install, works with Race Face Cinch cranks.
The Bad
Requires a specific tool, wears out more quickly than its peers, cost.
Overall Review:


This bottom bracket is compatible with the popular Race Face Cinch cranks. They are fairly popular with boutique brands and are a common offering on mid range all mountain bikes.  All bottom brackets eventually make noise and need cleaning.  This one needs more than the average.  Removal and installation requires a unique Race Face tool.  I would appreciate having more universal standards on that to reduce the number of tools you need when working on your own bike.  When the bottom bracket is brand new, it works really well and is quiet.  Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to need maintenance.


The seals and bearings are adequate initially, but they deteriorate quickly.  This causes noise, which will drive any biker nuts while pedaling.  With approximately the same number of miles and riding conditions I have had to replace this bottom bracket two times more often than the SRAM and Shimano bbs I have had before.  For the price I would expect a lot nicer and longer lasting product.


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Race Face Cinch BSA30 Bottom Bracket
Shell Type
Shell Width
68/73, 83, 100mm (Fatbike)
Bearing Type
6806 retainer bearings
Spindle Width
Spindle Material
Spindle Interface
0 lb 3.1 oz (87 g)
  • Bearings are factory filled with Phil wood grease
  • Cups are machined for a high tolerance frame fit
  • Includes an industry exclusive inner sleeve to protect against water ingest from inside your frame
  • Race Face BSA30 cups are installed with a RF BSA30 cup tool or with BSA30 standard tools from Rotor, Zipp, and Enduro
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