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A look back at Viris Brands 2023 rider roster!


In a departure from the conventional, I guess that’s how we do things here at Viris, and while many brands typically unveil their rider roster at the beginning of the season. We have opted to take a unique approach.

Instead of focusing on new beginnings, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the riders who placed their trust in us, the riders who believed in what we are doing, the riders who share our vision, and to those that have chosen to support a small brand.

Viris would like to extend its gratitude to its rider community for an awesome season. Or to put it quite simply, a massive THANK YOU, you're all LEGENDS!

So here is who has been repping Viris this past year:

Phil Atwil was seen on TV rocking his Viris ONYX goggles!
Phil Atwill was seen on TV rocking his Viris ONYX goggles!


Joining us this year, and arguably one of the most talented riders in the world... Mr Phil Atwill. Phil has been lighting up the live feeds this year. Taking the Viris ONYX goggle to some of its best world cup downhill finishes to date. Alongside Phil we've been stoked to have supported the entire Propain Positive team, with talented riders such as Marco Lamaris & Socratis Zotos taking Viris product to all manner of events across the globe.

Socratis Zotos
Socratis Zotos hitting the slopes of Whistler
Marco Lamaris
Marco Lamaris getting himself and Viris on TV at the World Champs in Fort Bill.


Another solid signing to the Viris family this year was Canadian up and comer Jack Menzies. With some of the best results of his career so far, Jack has played a pivotal role in ensuring Viris is firmly established within the Enduro scene.

Jack Menzies at the EDR Pietra Ligure
Jack had a career best result finishing 6th place at the Leogang round of the EDR. 


Returning for another year with us is Joe Breeden of the Intense Factory Racing Team. We've supported Joe since day one of our story, and we've been working closely with him to develop and refine the latest goggles. Its been awesome seeing Joe back up in the World Cup finals where he belongs after a couple of seasons hindered with injuries.

Joe Breeden sticking with us for another year
Joe Breeden back from injury this year, and back to it with us.


You might know him as DAVE, we know him as the guy with copious amounts of style, going sideways, or launching the biggest features at Red Bull Hardline... Its Sam Hockenhull. This dude just loves riding his bike, oozes style and inspires a generation of riders.

IMG 3441 0
Sam putting his Viris goggles to use at Red Bull Hardline


DAVE getting sideways as usual
DAVE's usual sideways style



Ross Kew of South Africa, remember that name, one to watch for the future! When we got approached by one of the industry leading athlete managers and he asked us if we would interested in sponsoring Ross, there was zero hesitation. Ross is actually our first rider to win a National title wearing a Viris goggle. With a season cut short with injury we didn't really get to see Ross at his best, but watch out for him in the future.

Ross Kew on a winning run at the South Africa National Championships
Ross Kew on a winning run at the South African National Championships


Sian was introduced to us by our good friends at Cannondale, she's been working with us these last couple of years repping Viris at events such as Crankworx, EDR's, and UK races.

Sian at Crankworx Rotorua
Sian at Crankworx Rotorua


With the support of GT Bicycles and now in its 3rd year, we set up the GT Viris team to support and develop young riders. With multiple podiums and race wins, the team is positioning itself for great things in the future. Look out for some news very soon about how we plan to expand this program globally.

Katie Charlton just an example of the talent on the GT Viris team, style and speed backed up by podiums
Katie Charlton just an example of the talent on the GT Viris team, style and speed backed up by podiums
Such a huge crew of riders, the GT Viris team has become a force to be reckoned with on the UK scene (no pun intended)
Such a huge crew of riders, the GT Viris team has become a force to be reckoned with on the UK scene (no pun intended)


Thanks to Liam and Cam our NZ distributor for the heads up on Alliance Racing. We hooked these guys up with some product mid season. A young, determined, and very professionally run team from New Zealand, we are stoked to be working with these guys.

Photo 7-09-23%2C 4 20 25 PM.jpg?VersionId=Z KWHdHVQUsh2rN.Xpv3xhmHA
Alliance racing, possibly the slickest operation to come out of New Zealand


We would also like to extend a massive thank you to our community of riders made up of ambassadors, sponsored riders and teams, plus our loyal customers from all over the world for another great season. 2023 has been awesome, we can’t wait to get started with 2024. So, THANK YOU!

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Since our inception in 2018 as a direct to consumer brand, Viris has grown year on year and can now been found in selected bike shops, plus a distributor in New Zealand headed up by Cam Cole of GT Factory Racing (with more on the way soon). Viris is a brand that offers something different, Viris, a word symbolised by the ‘V’ for vision, and iris, the part of your eye, is committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices. Beyond eyewear, we’re also passionate about grassroots racing and supporting the next generation of riders. We choose to support the up-and-coming riders, or those who dare to dream big despite the odds. Because just like the ones who challenged the norms and made it, these riders redefine the limits and reset the bar.

For more information about the brand and our story, head to the Viris Website now and check out our ambassador program too.


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