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La PROPAIN Fiesta - Freeride Fiesta 2023 with PROPAIN

Nothing but good vibes and massive jumps with the Propain crew down south!



Freeride Fiesta, the first big freeride event of the season, took place earlier this month in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico. From Rampage veterans and slopestyle stars to 14-year-old youngsters, over 70 riders from all over the world were represented. With a unique atmosphere, a huge jump line, and of course lots of partying, this event is a great change from the usual contest format. The riding was incredible, but the piñatas, tequila, and traditional Mexican food were a great added bonus. Here’s a recap of what went down at Freeride Fiesta 2023 with PROPAIN!

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In total there were six PROPAIN riders: Rémy Métailler, Cami Nogueira, Carson Storch, Elias and Daniel Ruso and Ryan Rodriguez. While Rémy and Ryan were most comfortable on their Rage CF’s, the rest of the riders opted for a Spindrift with double crown forks. Only Carson Storch was out on a single crown fork to throw some barspins and tailwhips.

PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 3
You better not be afraid of heights on these jumps.


PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 12.jpg?VersionId=jgdP7EeTfz BtCu57tTd0G80PsGM1Yo
Carson Storch coming out of a twisted flat spin.


PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 22
Elias Ruso was riding at its best and showcasing his unique style.


PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 14.jpg?VersionId=02LQyoBGUExzw4L.svbeg
Daniel Ruso was also on fire at the event, showing that big tricks are what he does best.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 18.jpg?VersionId=7OAJjDF1
There’s no stopping the PROPAIN Train.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 21.jpg?VersionId=ykEw.QA8SZX6yZf bhle
Huge jumps, big tricks, and the festive atmosphere make this event unlike any other.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 13
Not everything always goes smoothly. Despite a few falls and many scrapes and bruises, most riders remained injury-free. Cami Nogueira, unfortunately, dislocated her elbow one day before the event. Therefore, she was cheering on the riders from the side.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 2
Carson Storch showed off some wild tricks, like this Flip Whip.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 16
The biggest jump at the Freeride Fiesta was a real monster with a distance of almost 60 feet.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 23
A real highlight at the end: The Ruso brothers and host Johny Salido do a frontflip side by side.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 5
Elias Ruso won the "El Mexicano - Spirit Award" for his incredibly positive vibe throughout the event.
PROPAIN Freeride Fiesta Blog 15.jpg?VersionId=b

The complete PROPAIN Fiesta crew:

Rémy Métailler
Elias Ruso
Daniel Ruso
Carson Storch
Cami Nogueira
Ryan Rodriguez

Filip Mietka (Videographer)
Angie Hohenwarter (Athlete-Manager)
Trevor Lyden (Photographer)

Thank you for this incredible event. We are already looking forward to the next Fiesta!


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