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ION Scrub Amp BAT | Developed with Transition Factory Racing

Developed to push limits and elevate performance.

In 2023, ION joined forces with Transition Bikes who came back to the official UCI DH racing scene. Transition has a heritage of developing young riders and talent, and Transition Factory Racing is the next step in the evolution of this ethos. The main goal of the program is to provide a pathway for young aspiring athletes to achieve their dreams, and to not lose sight of why we all ride mountain bikes in the first place; because it is a lot of fun!

ION‘s commitment to this partnership goes beyond merely supplying high-quality bikewear and protection. The brand is dedicated to offering these talented riders a unique opportunity to influence the development of innovative racing gear and upcoming body armor. Over the course of the 2023 season, and all upcoming UCI racing seasons, the team has been integrating feedback and insights making sure that the products are engineered for an advanced but young fit, completely crafted to keep any rider protected on any kind of track out there.

At the heart of this collaboration is the development of ION‘s Scrub AMP BAT line. Engineered over the course of the 2023 season, the new 2024 Scrub AMP BAT represents the pinnacle of ION’s commitment to creating the highest quality and most durable bikewear. This line is specifically designed for an advanced yet youthful fit, ensuring that every rider is protected on any track, no matter how challenging.


The Scrub AMP BAT collection has always featured cutting-edge materials and technology, offering unparalleled protection, flexibility, and comfort.

By working closely with the whole Transition Factory Racing team, winning the Junior Elite Women overall in 2023, the Scrub AMP BAT collection is renewed from 2024 onwards, up to the rigors of professional downhill racing while catering to the dynamic needs of young athletes.

The 2024 Scrub AMP BAT pants feature the brand new 4-way-stretch Graphene fabric technology (G-4 Stretch), which has proven to balance the rider’s body temperature in cold or warm temperatures to improve high level performance. Graphene is also a fabric known to have one of highest possible tensile strengths, which makes it an ultimate ingredient. By placing the graphene yarn inside the fabric, it reinforces the Nylon construction even better for the highest level of durability. As this alone is still not enough for the team, the most exposed parts were reinforced including the seat area. To support air exchange, there are perfectly placed laser venting holes for additional cooling. Price: 179.99 EUR.

The Scrub Amp BAT long-sleeve jersey gives the riders a new lightweight fit, engineered to be worn with protection underneath, but has also a great fit when biking light. All seams on the collar and hem areas are substituted by an elastic glue for that extra wearing comfort when riding light.

While they’ve been developed to feel extremely light, similar attention has been applied to make them extremely durable thanks to the new Power Knit Technology. This knit, made from a recycled polyester/polyester mix, can be found across the whole jersey, and it uses a special tight knitting technique, like woven fabric, so fibers are not easily snagged.

You find laser venting holes for cooling and a stealthy Clear Optic Lens cloth to keep the goggles clean during tricky weather conditions. Price: 129.99 EUR.

Find out more about the new Scrub AMP BAT and the partnership with Transition Factory Racing here.


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