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Introducing: The Starling Cycles Mini Murmur

A really fast, really fun steel mountain bike, with 120mm rear travel.

We’re stoked to introduce the Starling Cycles Mini Murmur. The Mini-Murmur is a 120mm rear-travel Trail/XC/Down Country/do-whatever bike that’s really fun and really fast. More singletrack and big days out than winch-and-plummet enduro smashing, the Mini Murmur takes the best bits of Starling’s bikes and splices in a bit of XC, Trail and Down Country.

The Mini-Murmur takes our award-winning, steel, handmade, single-pivot frame and morphs it into a zippy trail rocket. All of the ‘feel’ of steel, built around 120mm rear travel, go-for-it geometry and lightweight components. It will be available as a frame-only or complete bike option, with complete bikes specced with DT Swiss’ awesome F232 ONE air suspension, fast Michelin rubber, DT wheels and lightweight Hope components.

Why Mini Murmur?

Why make the Mini? Simply, because it’s a bike we love to ride and one that Starling’s founder Joe can't get enough of.

Joe loves to be deliberately under-biked. He loves the challenge of combining short travel with fast tyres, creating a super exciting, super engaging experience. A bike that doesn’t need the biggest terrain or the steepest trails to be really, really fun but, it’s still perfectly at home when it finds them.

The Mini Murmur offers heaps of versatility. It’s perfect for a lunchtime power hour or local lap, but it’s not just a quick smash bike. A strong climber and a zippy singletrack shredder, the Mini is made for all-day, big-climbing epic adventures. For a huge day of up, along and down the Mini is a blast.

We also hope that the Mini offers an extra avenue into Starling for more riders. We know that not everyone needs an all-guns blazing, coil-sprung enduro bike.

In Detail

The Mini Murmur is built around Starling’s handmade steel frame. Using our adjustable shock mount we’re able to achieve massive versatility from our design. We can adapt our frames into long-travel, big mountain crushers or short-travel razzers, like the Mini Murmur. The complete-build Mini Murmur uses a lightweight, DT shock in 210x50mm length, which provides 120mm rear travel.

The frame’s front triangle is handmade in the UK using Reynolds 853 heat-treated tubing. The rear triangle is handmade by our friends at ORA in Taiwan using heat-treated Chromoly. Like all of Starling’s Core full suspension bikes, the Mini has a UDH drop-out, bolt-through axle, adjustable shock mount and all of our usual V3 frame features. It can be repaired, refurbished, recycled and repainted. It’s made to last for years and to reject throw-away, new-bike-every-season bullshit.

Customers can also, if they wish, swap fork and shock and convert the Mini to a full travel Murmur or even swap swingarms to convert it to a Twist or Mega Murmur. All required components are available from Starling.

Customer Support

In an age of folding brands and brutally fussy warranty departments, we want to show the customer that they come first. And we want to make simple and beautiful things that last for years, don’t become obsolete overnight and don’t need to be scrapped when you crash them.

All of Starling V3 frames are supplied with a 7 year warranty against manufacturing defects. They’re also covered by a crash replacement service. Crash it and damage it and we’ll fix it. You pay the postage, we pay the labour and materials.

Our warranty and crash replacement service applies to original owners. All owners, new or non-original, have access to our repaint, refurbish and repair services. If your frame is looking worn-out, you can return it to us for fresh bearings, paint and graphics.

If your frame is damaged, we can repair it and in some cases even upgrade it. We can repair flared head tubes, dented tubes and broken or bent features such as tabs or brackets. We can’t do everything but in most cases we can keep your frame running for years.

Non original/outside of warranty owners will incur a cost for the work but we’re confident that it’s awesome value and we have several owners  shredding frames that are several years old.

Starling Cycles Mini Murmur Complete Spec:

FORK: DT Swiss F323 One 120mm
SHOCK: DT Swiss R535 120mm
WHEELS: DT Swiss XMC 1501 F/R
TYRES: Michelin Wild XC
CRANKSET: Hope Carbon 165mm / 32T
BB: Hope 30mm
CHAIN: Shimano 8100 (XT)
CASSETTE: Shimano 8100 (XT)
MECH: Shimano 8100 (XT)
SHIFTER: Shimano 8100 (XT)
BRAKES: Hope XCR 4 Piston F/R
ROTORS: 180mm Hope Floating F/R
GRIPS: Sensus Lite
BAR: Renthal Fatbar Lite V2 T6 Alloy
STEM: Hope TR 40mm
SEAT POST: Bike Yoke Divine
SADDLE: Fizik Alpaca X5

Starling Cycles Mini Murmur Geometry:


Starling Cycles Mini Murmur Pricing:

The Mini Murmur will be available worldwide. Customers can order via Starling Cycles or through any of our dealers throughout the world.  Local dealers allow us to provide more certainty over import costs/taxes and shipping, they often hold local demo bikes and often hold stock meaning reduced lead-times.

Specs and pricing may vary between what’s available at Starling and in our various dealers.

Frame price, minus shock: £2,150
Frame price, with DT shock: £2,549
Complete price, including VAT: £7,650

You can learn more about the Starling Cycles Mini Murmur here.

More about Starling Cycles here.


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