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Garbaruk Enduro Crankset 1

For more hardcore All-Mountain/Enduro/DH riding.

Garbaruk announces our latest crankset lineup and it is now available for purchase. Garbaruk Enduro crankset is designed for more hardcore All-Mountain/Enduro/DH riding. It’s a slightly heavier model with 50% added durability thanks to extra material in critical spots. It's a lightweight hollow crankset made of aluminum, designed to be as light as carbon cranksets, while also keeping the reliability and stiffness of heavier aluminum cranksets. Minimalistic design, lightweight hollow body, high stiffness and variety of customization options are main highlights of this model.

About the Enduro Crankset

High Stiffness

The crankset is manufactured from 7075 grade aluminum. Rigid crankarm transfers the power to the wheel more efficiently.

Extra Tough

Only 461g, without application limitations, this crankset can face the rockiest mountains with confidence.

Two-Piece Lightweight Hollow Body

Thick where it needs to be, light where it can be. Thanks to the hollow body design, we were able to make it stronger in the most important areas, while keeping it light.

Highly Customizable

Three crank arm length options. Eight color options for the crankarm, self-extractor nut and bolts, and chainrings create 512 possible color combinations.

Lightweight, Customizable Chain Rings

Beautiful, minimalistic design available in all shapes and sizes.

Technical Specifications

  •  Crank arm Length: 165mm, 170mm or 175mm

  • Crank arm Color: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Violet

  • Self-Extractor color: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Violet

  • Bolts color: identical to self-extractor bolt ordered. It is possible to order an extra set of bolts in any of 8 colors for 15 €

  • Made from: 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy

  • Surface coating: Anodizing

  • Made with: CNC milling

  • Chainline : 52mm or 55mm available soon in the form of longer spindle. Chainrings are identical.

  • Q-Factor: 170mm

  • Spindle Diameter: 30mm or DUB

  • Spindle Length: 136.5mm

  • Bottom Bracket compatibility: Available with 30mm spindle and 29mm for DUB compatibility

  • Chain Ring not included, Direct Mount MTB chainring for Garbaruk is 100% compatible with Enduro Crankset, it offers an extremely light ring at 45g for size 30T

  • Weight: 461-471g depending on the spacer configuration / Weight equipped with 30T chainring: 507g

  • Spectrum of use: XC, Enduro, Downcountry, DH, e-Bike 

Depending on the customer's needs, other crankarm lengths may be considered in the future.

Designed and Manufactured in Poland

Our core know how and "savoir faire" consist of a wide range of high performance bike drivetrain accessories. From high end 11s and 12s cassettes, to the widest range of chain rings on the market, not to mention accessories such as cages and pulley wheels. Bike components manufactured by Garbaruk are designed to be unique and well-crafted from any angle, they achieve the highest level of quality because the entire process is controlled in-house: from conception and design to industrialization and production, absolutely everything is done in-house by Garbaruk's engineers and skilled workers, here in Poland in our workshops.


Legitimacy derived from many months of testing (mostly during winter time), including local and international enduro and DH riders. We have capitalized on countless hours of ISO testing, to surpass the norm. So far, none of our cranksets have failed, proving our in-house hollow design is extremely reliable. To date, after 2 years on the market: 0 broken/cracked cranks, whether in testing or in the use of customers.

Our alloy "know how" is inherited from long Garbaruk industrial history and is well known. We are delighted to have skilled workers in the field who've been with us for many years.

Premium Quality Finishing Treatments

As we control the entire production process in-house, from raw material to final product, we have a say and impact on every stage of production with our high quality standards. Our own name is engraved on every product, and our reputation is bound up with it, so we focus all our attention on the quality of our products. Proud of our long experience in machining materials, we know exactly how to focus our attention on ensuring that our products are durable, high-performance and correctly priced. Over the years, we have built up their expertise in a wide range of industrial subjects, to ensure quality control while keeping production costs down. This applies to machining, surface treatments, endurance tests, etc. It's what we do best.

Garbaruk Warranty

Details about warranty 2 years.

As riders, we understand crashes are part of riding. If you have a product damaged in a crash, we've got you covered with our crash replacement policy.

Final Thoughts & Highlights

  • It is light, as light as a really nice carbon crank.
  • It is strong, it will not be damaged by time, knocks or intensive use, and its functional quality will remain unchanged throughout its life.
  • The price is as tight as it gets.
  • 8 different anodization colors available, multiple combination to adapt to every biker's style.
  • Its design, style and construction make it a durable product.
  • Sustainability: 100% aluminum made, making it a completely recyclable and environmentally friendly product, unlike composite products that cannot be recycled.
  • It has a wide spectrum of compatibility. 
  • Recommended retail price: 450 EUR/ 450 USD.
  • 100% EU made in Poland.
  • Worldwide availability through DHL shipping.
  • Warranty : 2 year, crash replacement policy thru our Service Case team.



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