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The FOX Transfer Rises Again

Robust, smooth, tunable, serviceable.

We took our learnings over more than a decade of engineering dropper posts to make the new Transfer smoother, more robust, more tunable and more serviceable than ever before. With easier actuation, enhanced serviceability and greater tunability, the 2025 Transfer has an overall edge over the competition. Now travel adjustable in 5mm increments and available with up to 240mm of drop.


A 62% reduction in air loss over the prior model Transfer. That was the result after fully redesigning internals with an entirely new sealing system. With a focus on enhanced durability, this updated design replaced two dynamic air shaft seals with static seals, lowering overall friction and therefore lowering air loss potential.

A 6X increase in duty cycle life came from doubling the oil sealing and adding a wiper. Less oil loss means less maintenance, longer life and reduced overall air loss from air dissolved in the oil.

The air chamber is now at the top of the post which eliminated dynamic air seals and allowed us to add a Schrader valve for riders wanting to adjust air pressure. Our Schrader valves come with O-ringed metal caps that are proven to not leak.


Another upgrade for the 2025 Transfer was the move from IGUS bushings to metal-backed Ekonol bushings throughout Transfer’s internals. Ekonol bushings achieve tight tolerances with the lowest possible friction, allowing riders easier actuation (less force to break stiction and lower the post).

Transfer now has a 300-hour full-service interval, which riders can do themselves without the need for any special tools or equipment.


A Schrader valve under the seat clamps allows riders to recharge and adjust air pressure. Environmental factors such as altitude or ambient air temperature can affect internal air pressure, which riders can now tune to their preferred return speed. A metal valve cap with O-ring (the same we use on FOX suspension) ensures zero air leaks through the valve.


New for 2025, the Transfer offers 5mm increments of tool-free travel adjustment. This is a quick adjustment riders can do without any tools. Most competing droppers offer 10mm increments to account for deformation of the travel adjust components over time. Transfer’s robust travel adjust system is designed to stand up to years of hard use, without deterioration.


We kept the same low stack height that riders loved from the previous Transfer and refined the 2-bolt clamp design, generatively designed to optimize strength and weight savings. A dedicated 34.9mm size adds to the updated aesthetics, making sure the Transfer looks as great as it performs.


With up to 240mm of drop, adjustable travel (in 5mm increments) and a dedicated 34.9mm diameter option, Transfer reclaims its rightful place as the overall leader in dropper posts.


MY25 Transfer Post Aftermarket Pricing

Factory Series : $339 USD | $449 CAD | 449 EURO

Performance Series Elite: $289 USD | $389 CAD | 369 EURO

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