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Bikes Made in Brazil

Steel bike designed and made in Brazil

Hello everybody!

I'm back, my name is Angelo and I'm from Brazil.

If you don't remember or don't know me, this is my other post talking about the full suspension MTB here in Vital MTB: click here to see!

With the good results I reached with the full suspension, I decided to make more bikes and open a new company. The focus of the company is to produce enduro and gravel bikes with the same idea that was thought for the full suspension, simplicity, and performance! We aim to combine traditional craftsmanship, technology, and durable materials to create products that inspire confidence and provide maximum performance. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, we aspire to create a community of passionate cyclists, inspiring them to push boundaries and explore new possibilities in their two-wheeled adventures.

Without else more chitchat, let's talk about the bikes.

Hardtail Hardcore

Our Hardtail Hardcore Enduro bike was denominated of RAGE, because of your aggressive geometry and the terrain that was developed to face.

Enduro RAGE
Enduro RAGE Angelo Baratto

Rage has 62,5º of head tube angle and 77º of seat tube angle with the suspension that has 44 mm of offset and 160 mm of travel. Its wheelbase is 1254 mm for the medium frame. Can be assembled with 29" or 27,5" wheels or mullet. On our site, you can see the complete geometry specification.


Rage Angelo Baratto

As always, we are riding and testing the bikes to feel and understand how they are behaving and see their durability, to guarantee that are working well, and search for improvements that can be made.

If you see the post about the full suspension, you can see the processes were very simple. Now, we industrialize our methods and manufacturing process and we reach much better frames.

It's fun!
It's fun!


Talking about the processes, what do you think to see our welding process? Take a look below!                                        

And if you were curious about what you saw in the video, now we are making gravel bikes too! The video shows the forks for the Rusty, our gravel bike!


Our Gravel bike was denominated of RUSTY, because of your capability to face a lot of types of terrains and the correlation with the rusty being present in a lot of places.

Rusty - Gravel bike
Rusty - Gravel bike Angelo Baratto

This awesome gravel bike can be assembled with 29x2.3 tires and it has boost wheels. Its geometry, you can do some trails and enjoy every place you go! Take a look at the video that shows the frameset.

And the full suspension is still alive! With some regional championships and more than 5,000 kilometers of riding in trails and travels!!

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Enduro Regional Championship
In a cool place!

   If you want to know more about our design, and engineering process, let me know and I'll make another post talking about technical content!

And that's it that I have to share with you. If you'll have questions, make them here or search me on Instagram (@peakcycles_), and I'll answer you. Thank you for your attention!


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