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Windells and Sensus R.A.D. Trails Join Forces for Milepost 35 Bike Camps

Renowned action sports camp Windells is partnering with the team at Sensus R.A.D. Trails to introduce Milepost ThirtyFive (M35) mountain bike camps.

Windells and Sensus R.A.D. Trails Join Forces for Milepost 35 Bike Camps

With the rise in popularity of mountain biking and the continuous expansion of trails in Northwest Oregon, it only made sense to go all-in on multiple tiers of mountain bike operations, utilizing Sensus R.A.D. Trail’s experience in the bike world and commitment to growing progressive facilities within the sport.

M35 is hoping to reintroduce biking into its curriculum at Windells. Picking up where the Northwest School of Freeride left off, this new partnership will be a fresh start at creating a legendary mountain bike camp.

M35 will also host adult performance camps for those who have outgrown the summer camp experience. Looking to learn some pointers before your first enduro race? Gain some extra speed in the corners? Hit that jump you’ve been eyeing on the trails? These camps will bring your confidence and your riding to the next level, regardless of age. M35 Performance will fit into a more work-oriented schedule and cater to weekend warriors. 

"The stars absolutely aligned with Cam in that he is at the very top of his game, yet, through Milespost 35 and Sensus R.A.D. Trails, he wants to grow the mountain bike community by creating better equipment, features, and programs that welcome in first timers and support them in the journey as far as they wish to go.  We simply could not have a better partner on this"-Kevin English, Executive Camp Director and Co- Owner

Zink styling it out in an iconic PNW setting

Sensus R.A.D. Trails will be building out on-site mountain bike infrastructure to compliment existing skateparks, trampolines, airbags and training facilities. Windells will also be working with R.A.D. to structure daily bike operations and picking elite level coaches. In addition to the incredible trail networks in the area, R.A.D. will be building a dual slalom track, jump trails, plus a mulch jump and airbag designed by professional slopestyle athletes. Given the unique plot of land there will be constant expansion and the opportunities to teach proper trail maintenance and digging to the mountain bike campers.

"In the world of snow and skate, Windell’s is nothing short of legendary. I always dreamt of attending the snowboard camps as a kid and teenager, hoping to get to ride with some of my favorite snowboarders I would see in the movies on Windell’s incredible set-up. I am elated to bring that opportunity to mountain bikers the same way that I wish I could have taken advantage in my younger aspirations of being a pro snowboarder"-Cameron Zink 

Cody bouncing through the loam corridor. Milepost 35's campus has incredible riding but the surrounding area really seals the deal.

"I have spent a good part of my life immersed in the ski world and Windells has always been the place to have the dream summer camp experience. Having competed and skied with some of the year round coaches here I knew we had to partner up if the opportunity existed. The indoor and outdoor skateparks, the airbags, lift accessed riding at the nearby mountains and incredible trail riding close by just added up to this being the perfect place to progress the sport."-Cody Wilkins

Marco Osborne, riding in overalls, because that's what he digs in.

Windells offers the ultimate experience to anyone looking to improve their skills in the action sports world. With the hundreds of kids coming through camps every year for other sports, the goal will be to introduce these athletes to the mountain bike world. Using the world class facilities and well versed logistics of such a staple camp program, Windells strives to grow M35 into a big player in the mountain bike world.

Carson Storch throws some steeze on the mulch jump

As of now we are on for overnight camps at the end of July and beginning of August. In the mean time we will be hosting day camps  lasting three days for those close to the Windells campus. Information will be on our website and @milepost35 on Instagram.  WyEast Academy will also be looking into a mountain bike focused boarding school in the near future with the intent  to grow the next generation of world class bike athletes with a year round academic program. 

Youth weeks will be

  • July 25- August 1 (Cam Zink Signature Session)
  • August 5-11 (Carson Storch Signature Session)

The 21+ adult session will be offered the week of July 25- August 1

More information and registration here!

Asa Mcgill-Howe kills it on anything with wheels... In the Hills is the future. Also... look at that dirt!

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