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VISION Available NOW Worldwide - Full Dream Line POV

adidas and Five Ten present VISION, a new female-led Freeride mountain bike film – available NOW.

After over 1 year in production, one of the most anticipated action sports releases of the summer, ‘VISION’, is now available worldwide for digital download. 

Jump onboard with Veronique Sandler as she takes her first hits through the VISION line built in collaboration with James Foster and Revolution Bike Park.

To celebrate the release of the film the VISION line at Revolution Bike Park is now open the general public.

VISION is a film about inclusivity, standing alongside your heroes and redefining the status quo. VISION blends the creative worlds of Veronique Sandler in a coming together of art, design and sport.

Veronique Sandler, a former World Cup racer, has paved her own way in the mountain bike industry away from competition. This is a film about her VISION for the future of a sport.

Taking inspiration from the streets, dirt jumping and freeride, this action-focused documentary follows Veronique’s journey alongside her heroes as she brings her VISION to life. Working in partnership with Revolution Bike Park in Wales, UK, together they made a dream a reality. 

“For me personally, raising the bar for women in action sport is not about separation, it is about earning our place alongside the best in the game. Whilst women’s specific events and projects have a place in the industry to drive accessibility and encourage participation, it is important to me to drive inclusivity at the top of our sport and earn our equal place through skill, passion and determination, both on the bike and with a shovel in hand.” – Veronique Sandler

VISION – Available Now (iTunes, Xbox, Playstation, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango Now, Vimeo on Demand)

Joey Gough Joined Vero in Barcelona as they pushed their limits on the steep transitions of La Poma's dirt jumps.

Taking inspiration from DEATHGRIP, Brendog joined Vero to explore what Madeira Island has to offer.

Kaos Seagrave
Casey Brown
Matt Jones
Martin Soderstrom

Starring Veronique Sandler

And featuring Brendan Fairclough, Joey Gough, Tahnée Seagrave, Casey Brown, Matt Jones, Martin Söderström, Olly Wilkins, Vaea Verbeeck, Manon Carpenter, Steve Peat, Kade Edwards, Kaos Seagrave, Max Nerurkar, Joe Parfitt, Nikki Whiles, Ajay Jones.

VISION Official Trailer

VISION – Available Now (itunes, Xbox, Playstation, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango Now, Vimeo on Demand)


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