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‘Til Death Do Us Part (unless something better comes along)

We all know how it goes. You look for just the right one. You even take a few out for a spin around town, but for one reason or another, things don’t click. Finally, you meet The One. You make a proposal, take it home, and ride the bejesus out of it.

But...then what? What happens when the initial excitement wears off? Or when you see a more adventurous model with a sexier frame walk around the corner?


It’s great to be a loyal friend and partner, but when it comes to bikes, riders have long considered N+1 to be the magical equation. Bike monogamists might sing the praises of a single-steed quiver, but after a few beers, you get to the truth--that playing the field is too expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Meanwhile, even the most loyal of us can find ourselves envying the orthodontist down the street with four options in town and a few other bikes scattered across the country.

Riders with a wandering eye previously had to scour Craigslist or eBay for their used bike needs. That often involves outdated pics, endless texting only to get ghosted when it’s time to seal the deal, or awkward conversations after being told that the clapped-out rear end was recently serviced.

The Pro’s Closet is the first reseller to bridge the gap between new bikes (and new bike prices) and the seemingly endless left-swiping and catfishing of the used bike market. With more than 800 bikes in our inventory and thousands of satisfied customers, we’re here to solve that N+1 equation.

Bikes that have been loved before can come with a bit of baggage. The Pro’s Closet handles that before you even lay eyes on your future ride with expert mechanics that tune every used bike it sells using a 141-point inspection process. Also, unlike the “lightly ridden, mechanic-owned” Craigslist bikes, The Pro’s Closet’s bikes all have a 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee to ensure you’re compatible with your new bike. And, if you’ve decided to break up permanently with your old ride, a generous and clear bike-purchasing process makes it easy to sell your bike to The Pro’s Closet from anywhere across the U.S.


The Pro’s Closet creates a convenient and affordable way to increase your quiver, take the risk out of buying a new used bike, or trade-up your current bike (without hurting its feelings). As the largest marketplace for pre-loved bikes and bike accessories, The Pro’s Closet also offers plenty of ways to spice up your existing ride, whether it’s through a shiny set of carbon wheels, a firmer saddle, or a fork with that extra 20mm you’ve always wanted.

Investing in any new bike is a big commitment and one that’s well worth it. But if you like to play the field, The Pro’s Closet might be the perfect matchmaker.


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