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The New 2017 BikeParkPRO GPS App

The new bike park season is here. We’ve been working hard over the last 6 months and have a huge new version of the BikeParkPRO App, to add that extra element to your bike park shredding this year.

With interactive competitions to win awesome prizes, money-saving offers with our partner discounts, and the ground-breaking Park PRO leaderboards, all built on top of a GPS platform with the best trail data in the World!

Download the latest update now FOR FREE and get ready for an epic 2017 on the hero dirt with BikeParkPRO...




Awesome Prizes with the BPRO Competitions

First up, we have to tell you about the interactive competitions, and the seriously cool list of prizes we have up for grabs. These represent the first real-world riding ‘events’ of their kind, with prizes awarded based on who finishes top of the leaderboards for various riding achievements, like shredding the most bike parks in the season, or achieving the most vertical descent in a week. It's an extra incentive to get out on the trails and ride (not that you should need it!). Here are the competitions open to riders regardless of which bike park you ride…

Just a few of the awesome prizes up for grabs in the BPRO Competitions this season!

We also have competitions dedicated to a few of the premier bike parks in the world, with a 2018 Season Pass up for grabs at those locations. Check out the competition details for Whistler Mountain, Highland Mountain, and BikePark Wales. All you need to do is ride laps!

CLICK HERE to check out the competitions

For all the competitions, you will need a 2017 PRO Pass for entry, so that all your ride stats are automatically entered in to each of the competition leaderboards. The PRO Pass brings a host of extra features and benefits, and is a total snip at only $14 for a full year. And those benefits include money-saving offers from our partners in the MTB world. Check out all these great offers....

These discounts equate to a greater monetary value than the cost of buying the Pass itself.

So by upgrading to the PRO Pass for 2017, you are basically saving money!

The Park PRO Leaderboards

The Park PRO Leaderboards are a huge new element to BikeParkPRO for 2017. They represent the next logical step in the virtual leaderboard concept...

combining the results of individual trails to reveal the riders that are consistently quick over all of the trails.

Your fastest time, and hence position on a single trail leaderboard, earns a certain amount of PRO points. The higher up the leaderboard you are, the more PRO points you earn. Your points for each trail are then summed to give a total value and a ranking across the whole bike park in the Park PRO Leaderboard. A super-unique feature that really sets BikeParkPRO apart from other GPS apps. Click here to learn more about how they work.


CLICK HERE to check out the Whistler Park PRO Leaderboard

The App Developments

The BikeParkPRO app now has a very different look and feel than the version we started off with last year. First up, as soon as you log in you’ll see the new MY BIKE PARK STATS screen, giving you a breakdown of the key statistics for every bike park where you record a ride. Number of shred sessions, total lap count, total vertical descent, and the percentage of leaderboard trails that you have completed in-full, are displayed for easy reference. Remember, this only shows stats for the locations where you have recorded a session, so if you don’t see a bike park summary then you need to get out and ride!


Next up are the BIKE PARK screens. Tap anywhere on a bike park summary section of your STATS page and you’ll see a main page for that bike park, with a list of all the trail leaderboards at that location. The ones you have ridden in full, and therefore recorded a Personal Record to place you on that leaderboard, are indicated with an orange check mark. So you now know which trails you still need to ride to earn more PRO points and help you climb the Park PRO leaderboard.

We then have individual screens for each dedicated trail. Tap on any trail in the list on the bike park page, and you’ll see all the details about that specific trail, including grade, distance, elevation drop, and average gradient, along with the leaderboard for that trail and your Personal Record highlighted if you have registered a time. You can also access any trail leaderboard from your individual session recording. When viewing any single session that you have recorded, your lap breakdown will show the trails that you’ve ridden in full on that day. And each one links directly to that trail leaderboard so you can see where you stand against the rest of the riding community.


We’ve already mentioned the competitions. And you can now check out where you stand in each competition leaderboard directly from the app itself. We’ve also upgraded the #BPRO Shred Sheet functionality so that you can customise your ride summary by adding your own image from your day on the trails before posting to your social media account and making everyone else jealous. Not to mention the incentive it will provide to your riding mates to get out and beat your leaderboard positions!

The Obvious Comparison

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. There’s no getting around it, BikeParkPRO draws comparisons with Strava. But BikeParkPRO offers a far more custom experience for the gravity-fuelled mountain biker. We are much more than just a downhill Strava, and we will show you why!

We built BikeParkPRO because we were fed-up that the only apps for tracking our bike park sessions were those built for running or general cycling. The features and functionality didn’t quite transfer to the bike park environment. So like everyone else, we had to use apps designed for other sports. But the bike park community is significant, with new parks opening every year, and rider numbers constantly on the increase. The demand is there – bike park riders want to track their rides.

Nearly 5,000 riders have logged a time on the Heart of Darkness segment at Whistler Bike Park using Strava.

That’s a seriously motivated community, ‘making-do’ with a product that was not intended for them! So given the obvious demand, we created an app that offers more of what a bike park rider wants.


On top of all the awesome features discussed above that already set BikeParkPRO apart, like winning actual prizes, discounts from partner brands, and the unique Park PRO leaderboards, there are some fundamental technical differences that mean we can provide a more relevant experience at the bike park:

  • The most accurate trail data in the world. Our core trail data is of the highest possible accuracy and resolution, and the start and end points correspond to real-world positions. You will not find better trail data anywhere. Read more here.
  • One trail, one leaderboard. You will find only one trail leaderboard corresponding to that exact trail at the bike park. The trails are named and graded correctly. We do not have multiple random segments, with various user-defined names creating all sorts of confusion.
  • Drop the uplift data. One of the hugely annoying aspect of using Strava at bike parks is that you get credited with a huge climb! We know that the only uphill riding you do all day is from the car park to the lift base, so we disregard the uplift data.

So given all of this, we’re sure you’ll agree we have an interactive platform that is far more suited to your needs as a bike park rider.

Help us build the App YOU want

So that’s the latest news, with a lot more still to come as the community size grows. And for that...


The more users we get, then the quicker we are able to introduce more features and custom functionality - the sort of things YOU want to see from an interactive App when you ride at the bike park.

So ditch the orange and embrace the green. Come over to BikeParkPRO for your next park laps and see what you think. It only takes a moment. Start your recording before you ride, and put your phone away. There’s no need to continually stop and start it; you can leave it recording for your whole ride, and it uses your phone’s GPS – not your data plan! At the end of your session, stop the recording, and choose to upload your ride immediately using your data, or save it for later and upload over Wi-Fi when you have a connection. We process your ride, and you’ll see your stats. And don’t forget to share your custom Shred Sheet with the #BPRO tag on Facebook and Twitter, to get props from your mates and challenge them to beat your leaderboard times.

Keep up with all our latest development and competition details on the BikeParkPRO blog or Facebook Page. We hope you’ll join us for a great season of bike park riding in 2017.

Just record your ride, shred the trails, and be the bike park PRO!


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