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Could this be the first real alternative to Strava for the mountain bike market? BikeParkPRO is the first GPS app built specifically for bike park riders looking to track their rides, push their riding and compete with their riding buddies. Whatever your personal opinion, we all know riders use GPS tracking apps at bike parks. And if you’re one of the many riders that want to track every move on the mountain, then you’ll understand the limitations of the Apps you use when it comes to shredding the bike park. Who isn’t annoyed by lift rides counting as climbing time?!  Ultimately those Apps were designed for road cycling and running, so the functionality, features and community interaction is never going to be optimised for the bike park scenario.

Well now there's BikeParkPRO; a GPS tracking app and stats platform that’s built specifically for the bike park community.  It’s already available on iOS (click here) and on Android (click here).  It’s FREE to download, and you can use it just like Strava without ever having to pay anything.  The more committed riders can upgrade to the BikeParkPRO Season Pass – a full 12 months of advanced functionality and benefits.  It’s significantly cheaper than the alternative ‘pro’ accounts, and offers features that will genuinely appeal to bike park riders… win prizes from industry brands and bike park season passes for example – you won’t get that on Strava!

*Standard users get their first 3 recorded sessions processed for their Lap Story trail breakdown.

The slick looking green and black design of the BikeParkPRO mobile App.


Let’s address the big feature first – the Leaderboards. Of course there are leaderboards for the fastest time on each trail, just like Strava.  This is where you get to see how you stack up against the rest of the bike park community. However there is a major difference here…. Rather than multiple ‘segments’ for the same trail, with random names created by numerous different riders, BikeParkPRO actively manages the core trail data.  So there's one leaderboard per trail, and the data actually corresponds to the correct start and end points of that trail on the mountain.  PLUS, the trail data is of significantly higher resolution than you will find on any other platform. Initially recorded by the bike parks themselves, the data is further refined so that it represents the absolute best possible accuracy and resolution, resulting in a much better match to user recorded data.

The Cats Paw Leaderboard at the awesome Highland Mountain Bike Park.

This brings us to one of the very cool advanced features of BikeParkPRO.  Your 'Lap Story' gives you a breakdown of each trail you ride on a lap-by-lap basis, distinguishing between trails you ride only in part (so a partial match), and those you ride from the defined start to end points without jumping off to another trail.  So this gives you a clear picture of what you rode on each and every lap.

And there’s more to the Leaderboard concept with BikeParkPRO – it’s not just for the fastest riders.  You’ll find leaderboards for Total Laps, Total Vertical, and the total number of Sessions you record – additional metrics that are far more meaningful to the bike park community and can prove that you’re much more of a park rider than the next guy or girl!


The #BPRO Shred Sheet - a custom cool shareable image for every bike park you ride.

Something else that little bit different to what you might be used to from your regular tracking App… the #BPRO Shred Sheet.  Upload your data at the end of a ride (you'll need Wi-Fi or a data connection for this bit of course, standard for any GPS app) and you’ll be presented with your Shred Sheet - a cool graphical summary of the key statistics from your riding session. You can then post that up on your Facebook or Twitter profile direct from your mobile, to brag to the world about your bike park shredding!  Your Lap Story (for BPR Season Pass holders only) is also available from within the App but to check out your Leaderboard positions you need to head over to the website.

Check out the website for Leaderboard positions and all your bike park riding stats.


BikeParkPRO really sets itself apart when it comes to the Competitions, and there are benefits to getting involved at this early stage.  Upgrade right now to the BikeParkPRO Season Pass and you’ll automatically be entered in to the prize draw to The first brand partner to get on board is Küat Racks, meaning you now have a chance to win the awesome new Küat Sherpa 2.0 hitch rack, simply by visiting the most number of different bike parks with the BikeParkPRO App this summer. The dedicated leaderboard for this comp goes live towards the end of June so check back on the website soon, but the cool thing is your riding data so far this season will already count towards your total. So you might already be at the top of that Leaderboard!


And they have also partnered with a number of different bike parks to give away 2017 Season Passes for those specific locations if you record the most number of riding sessions at that bike park during the 2016 season. Again expect those promotions to launch any day now.


There's huge potential here for an interactive community that's tailored specifically to the bike park world, so you can expect a lot more features and developments over the coming months. You can use the App at any gravity bike park right now, even if you do not see as a participating location on the website. Your recorded session data will be kept safe and secure, so when that bike park does come online (and they all will eventually!), all your stats, leaderboard positions, and lap stories will be available right from the start!

Don’t hold back from giving your feedback.  The clear intent is to build something that bike park riders actually want; tailored features for an interactive bike park community.  So if you have suggestions or ideas for what you might like to see, then drop them a line at And if you're riding any of the bike parks that are not launched yet then get in touch, as test riders are needed at every location... it's your chance to get directly involved in establishing the community at your local park!


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