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The Arktos One Bike to Ride Them All

Memorial Day Sale: For a limited time, get $500 off your Arktos!

The Arktos One Bike to Ride Them All

You’ve heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well, the Alchemy Arktos is here to say, “You CAN master it all!” And over Memorial weekend, we’ll give you $500 off any model of the do-it-all Arktos when you check out.  No cash? No problem! Use Affirm, and with no money down you could be riding a new bike next week.


What’s more, any Arktos model can be easily converted into a different model (and back again) in under 30 minutes, with one of Alchemy’s Conversion Kits. Need two categories of bike but can't afford it? With the Conversion Kits you’ll literally get two bikes in one for a fraction of the cost.

What do I get? 

Aftermarket full-suspension kits, including: Factory-tuned FOX fork for each frame size; custom-tuned rear shock; shock extender link. These kits can turn a 120 into a 135 or 150, or a 150 to a 135 or 120, and the same for the 135 model, and optimizes the geometry for the new travel length.


What does it do?

In short, our conversion kits turn one bike into a second, very different bike, for a fraction of the cost of buying a complete second bike. Once installed, these will drastically alter the ride characteristics to suit the terrain or riding style, while keeping the SINE Wave suspension and geometry correct for the new travel size.

When should I use it, and what will it do?

If you like to travel and explore new riding areas. Say you live in the Southwest, and your usual trails are smooth, rolling, and flowy: You don’t need as much travel at home, so you bought an Arktos 120. But then you plan that trip to Whistler to shred some North Shore Gnar, and you need more travel but don’t want to rent a bike. With the conversion kits, you can slap on the 135 or 150 conversion kit and you’re golden! And of course, it works the other way around as well. Whatever the reason, our conversion kits – especially when combined with the built-in Flip Chip found on all Arktos frames – will ensure you’ve got the perfect amount of travel and the ideal geometry for the task at hand.

Check out what VITAL thought of the bike. 

What’s holding you back? We DARE you to take the discount and start riding an Alchemy. Offer ends April 31st

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