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A new important step in the partnership between Full Speed Ahead and Team Atherton Racing has been made. From the 2021 racing season, the team founded by the UK downhill legends Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton has chosen top-of-the-line FSA Gradient handlebars and stems.

Team Atherton Racing riders will feature the brand-new Gradient OS35 Riser handlebars, available in carbon and alloy, as well as Gradient OS35 DH direct-mount and Gradient 35 DH Team LTD stems, designed specifically for Downhill and Enduro use.

Gradient Carbon OS35 riser bars feature carbon composite construction and reinforced and textured clamping areas, while the Gradient Alloy OS35 riser has a unique and bold design not seen in aluminum handlebars.

Gradient OS35 DH direct mount stem has unique two-piece face-plate design, while Gradient 35 DH Team LTD has been already spotted on some FSA-sponsored athletes during the 2020 racing season.

"I had the pleasure of introducing FSA to the Atherton Race Program three years ago, when we started a collaboration that has been very impactful for FSA," said Davide Riva, FSA OEM sales manager and product development. "When you work with the best riders in the world, you always discover how to continually improve your product offerings, which has always been our mission at FSA. The Atherton's have an incredible wealth of experience and an exciting desire to grow and continue to improve both on and off the track. We decided to strengthen our relationship and will offer our full range of FSA cockpit components to the Team. The Gradient carbon and Gradient alloy cockpit families will now be featured on Atherton team bikes, along with FSA Cranks and Seatposts that we have been currently supplying to the team. FSA is amped up for the opportunity to work with this team in 2021 and beyond, and even more stoked to watch their season unfold on the race track! "

Team Director Dan Brown said, “we have built a strong foundation with FSA over the last three years and have the greatest respect for the integrity of their products. We are excited to see the Gradient alloy and Carbon ranges transform the cockpits of our team bikes.”

“This will be a true collaboration with all of us striving to make the strongest product, R&D is a core part of our partnership and we welcome the chance to input to such an enthusiastic and forward looking company’s plans” said the DH legend Gee Atherton."


In order to guarantee performances up to the Atherton's championship expectations, FSA will provide some of its top-of-the-line products and will develop solutions for DH and Enduro drivetrain components. Besides the carbon cockpits, the team will continue to ride on Gradient Modular Crankset BB392 Direct Mount 1X, improved by the team over the last racing seasons. They will ride the Flowtron dropper seatpost, too. This is compact and light and has a nice high mechanical advantage that's easy to actuate.

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