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Why we called this product – Eighty8 ?

You may be confused at the first time, but the explanation is simple. From the beginning of Shovel story, we are trying to produce high-end and light-weight products at the same time. First Eighty8 was also light-weight chain guide with only 88 grams of weight. The official name comes from that time, but the main difference today is that Eighty8 is only 70 grams, because we improved Eighty8 up to the highest level of chain guides.


There are many questions, how Shovel can produce products with that quality level and ultra light weight at the same time ? The answer is not simple, but we will try to explain the production process, design, materials and the philosophy of Shovel.

Optimal design, and high end materials, such as aluminium 7075-T651, Ti (Grade V) bolts, weight, tough plastics makes this Eighty8 chain guide one of the best and most reliable products on the market.

With aluminum and titanium, important parts of finish product are top guide and taco. Taco and top guide are made of durable-polyamid plastics. Top guide is specially designed to be tough, but also lightweight and small in proportions, and absorbs all kind of abuse from chain exceptionally well.


Shovel Eighty8 chain guide made from just best and finest materials, like all others Shovel components. Backplate is made from indestructible Aluminum 7075-T651, with 4mm thickness.

Titanium Grade 5 bolts are used for connections between backplate, taco, top guide and mount process and they are playing a big role in whole Shovel story. Titanium bolts are corrosion resistant, participate in quality and philosophy of light-weight products at the end.



Production process

Each step of production process is made in-house.

Shovel CNC manufacturing is based on our personal programming skills in CAD Solidworks. Preliminary process, from purchasing materials, design,  software programming, CNC manufacturing and almost the whole product treatment is happening in Shovel Components factory.

When a CNC system is activated, the desired cuts are programmed into the software and dictated to corresponding tools and machinery, which carry out the dimensional tasks as specified. In Shovel factory, we push our machines to finish the hardest of tasks, to make all of our products look and feel perfect, straight from the machine.


Last stage of production process is anodizing. Anodizing is nothing less important process.

Main point of Shovel Components anodizing process is the highest quality of aluminum surface, strong thickness and durable color, and this is only possible with hard anodizing,(type II). Customers satisfaction is always on top of our priorities as Shovel Components are made by riders, for riders, and there must not be compromises. That’s the reason why you can find so many product colors in our shop: black, red, blue, green and titanium.


Eighty8 chain guides is the result of smart and efficient design, and as such, from weight, materials, mounting time, toughness, this is the best enduro chain guide on the market.

Why to choose Eighty8 ?

We hope that you convinced yourself that we are talking about high-end product with excellent performance at the sane price, which makes it the BEST enduro chain guide on the market.

At the end of this review, we want to repeat the benefits and reasons why to choose Shovel Eighty8 chain guide.

– Complete in house production

– Made of high end materials: Aluminum 7075-T651, titanium and tough plastics

– Reverse design– Easy mount system

– Available in several colors

– Light-weight product with 70 grams

– Compatible with oval chain rings

– Sliding top guide

– Designed to shred

Thank you for your time and keep on shredding!


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