SR SUNTOUR's Team Rampage StutterMovie

For a few years now, our creative team has been producing Stutter Movies to accompany most events and projects that we attend. We enjoy sharing a behind the scenes perspective with viewers in the form of these Stutter Movies, as it creates a unique opportunity to share with still photography short edits of our experiences in a true sense of atmosphere, time, and place. Many passionate hands go into the planning and execution of every event, whether it's at World Cup races, the MegAvalanche, video shoots, product testing, or Red Bull Rampage we appreciate the hard work applied by everyone involved and see these Stutter Movies as a small thanks to them all.


This year at Red Bull Rampage we saw a new venue, steeper and bigger than ever.  And once again we were in complete awe of the effort put forth by the athletes, their diggers, and the organizers to make Rampage happen. The quality of line selection and build is one aspect of Rampage we've noticed that increasingly continues to become more refined and skilled to a master's level. Simply put, there is no other event in the world the requires an athlete to apply so much creativity, back-breaking work, and unbelievable commitment to compete all within a two week period as Red Bull Rampage.

For SR SUNTOUR, it's an opportunity to showcase the quality, reliability, and durability of our products at highest level, which has proven successful with podium appearances by Carson Storch and multiple wins by Kurt Sorge in recent years. Both of these athletes, built incredible podium worthy lines again in 2018, and we look forward to returning to the same venue in 2019 to see what they can accomplish. It's also an opportunity to cook bacon in the pits! Enjoy!"

Images attached by JP Gendron. StutterMovie images by Hoshi Yoshida and JP Gendron

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