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OneUp Components Switch 0

A quick-change direct mount chainring system from OneUp Components.

Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and to make the process of changing a chainring much faster and simpler. Switch also makes it easier for local bike shops to cover the ever-growing number of chainring standards, without a huge investment in inventory.

Rings can be replaced in less than a minute with only a 4mm allen key, without removing your crank. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns, unlock the ring by rotating it by 20 degrees and pull it over and off your crank. Reverse these steps to install your new ring. If you plan to ride a trail that you know is steeper than your local trails, you can switch to a smaller ring in the parking lot, in less time than it takes your friend to put on his riding shoes!

A Switch chainring is the same price as our existing direct mount chainrings, but the ring and carrier can be replaced individually at a fraction of the cost.

ALL the Major Mounting Standard, Sizes and Offsets in both Round and Oval(130 Direct Mount Ring Combinations)

  • 5 Direct Mount Standards (SRAM, Race Face, Cannondale, E13 and Hope)
  • 5 Ring Sizes (28-36T)2 Profiles (Round and Oval)
  • 3 Offsets (Regular, Boost and Super Boost)

EWS Proven

Every EWS World Champion in the last 3 years has pedaled his way to series victory on a OneUp narrow wide chainring.

One Tool

Many of the tools required to remove some cranks aren't part of a basic home tool kit and are definitely not on your multitool. Cannondale, E13 and Hope cranksets all require proprietary tools to replace their chainrings. Swap a Switch chainring with just a 4mm allen key.

Not Another Standard

The two-piece system is the most efficient way to handle the expanding number of chainring standards. It is not a new standard in itself. With quick-change rings and a cheaper replacement cost, Switch has some real benefits over a one-piece chainring. At the same price as our old design, what's not to like?

Local Bike Shops

We're offering discounted Switch Dealer kits in a custom storage case. Your shop can have a replacement direct mount chainring in stock for virtually any walk-in repair. No one wants to miss another ride while waiting for replacement parts. Email us for more info.


  • Switch Chainrings from $63 USD
  • Replacement Rings from $40 USD


  • SRAM GXP (Regular / Boost / Super Boost)
  • SRAM BB30 (Short/Long Spindle)
  • Race Face Cinch (Regular / Boost / Super Boost)
  • Cannondale (Regular / Ai / FATCAAD)
  • E13 (Regular, Boost)Hope (Regular, Boost)


  • Regular (49mm)
  • Boost (52mm)
  • Super Boost (56.5mm)

Next time you need a new direct mount ring, make the Switch.

Available now from or your local bike shop.



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