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North Shore Racks Introduces New Road Bike Adaptor 0

The new adaptor offers a simple solution to hanging road and gravel bikes in North Shore's patented cradle design.

The wait is finally over, introducing the NSR-Road Bike Adaptor. While this project took many twists and turns the final result is a robust, simple and stylish solution for loading both road and gravel bikes in our patented cradle design.

The road bike adaptor simply replaces the front wheel of a bike using either a 9mm x 100mm quick release axle, or a 12mm x 100mm threaded axle, then slots into the rack cradle and secures with a NSR branded Voile strap.

While North Shore Rack’s primary focus is still mountain bikes, the goal of the Road Bike Adaptor is to add greater versatility to our current bike rack line-up. The Road Bike Adaptor retails for $75 USD. For more information including installation and bike fitment, please visit

Photo Credit: Jenna Mae Miller @jennamaephotography


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