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ERGON Launches Revised GD1 Grip 3

German engineering applied to one of your most critical contact points.

ERGON just dropped a completely redesigned GD1 with the new GD1 Evo and GD1 Evo Factory grips. The oringial GD1, which was launched in 2016 was a part of a bigger movement in the ERGON line-up. A big departure from ERGON’s iconic winged grips, the GD1 was the first MTB grip with a tapered design offering increased damping on the outside of the grip, thereby improving comfort while putting riders arms into an optimal position.

The GD1 Evo collection — “GD" = grip downhill — incorporates a new, super-soft thumb zone that provides improved grip, while reducing the forces needed to securely hold the bars. The inner stop has been trimmed down to make hand repositioning even easier and a chamfered underside gives the rider’s fingers a little sumthin’ to “dig" into.

GD1 EVO in Frozen Moss with Oil Slick ring

The original GD1 was also part of ERGON launching its unique Factory grip compound, which is till part of the GD1 Evo collection today. The Factory compound, manufactured in Germany, that offered (and continues to offer) unrivaled grip and damping characteristics, making ERGON Factory grips soft, but also precise and not squishy.

Available in all bike shops this week via QBP, the GD1 Evo and GD1 Evo Factory will retail for $34.95 and $39.95, respectively. The GD1 Evo Factory will be available in three color ways, while the GD1 Evo will only be available in black. Of course, like all ERGON products, the GD1 Evo collection will be available in two sizes — regular and slim — to better offer a perfect fit to all riders.

These will be are available via ERGON right now in some colors.


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