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Electronic Shifting for Everybody

Upgrade to electronic shifting today with the D1x Trail shifter

Electronic Shifting for Everybody

The D1x Trail Shifter brings electronic shifting to every bike and every rider.

With parts inventory at an all-time low, the D1x Trail upgrades the parts you have on your bike right now. If you have a rear derailleur, cassette, and chain the D1x will make it electronic! 

Upgrade to electronic shifting and get:

●      High performance, smooth shifting on every gear, every time

●      Easy push-button shifting takes the wrist fatigue and pain out of riding

●      Ditch the barrel adjuster and micro-adjust individual gears to 0.25mm precision

●      Crashed and bent a hanger? Micro-adjust allows you to keep riding

●      Configurable QuickShift to jump up or down up to 5 gears in one long press

●      Swap wheels or cassettes and simply reconfigure the shifter for your new setup

●      Low Power Mode to sip power for long trips into the wilderness

●      Digital Overshoot allows you to shift smoothly on worn cassettes

The D1x systems consist of two parts - The D1x Shifter and the Paddle Remote.


The D1x Shifter unit is connected to the derailleur with a standard shift cable and housing. The Shifter is the brains of the operation and is configured with a simple mobile app. Tell it how many gears are on your cassette and teach it where to go for each gear. Configure the Shifter for how you ride and then pair it to a Paddle Remote and ditch your phone. The Paddle Remote has a micro-adjust button to engage advanced features of the system like fine tuning gears.

Install and setup is easy using a simple mobile app and basic bike tools. Just remove your existing shifter and cable/housing, mount the shifter and remote, program the shift points and you’re good to go! You’re always in tune with the D1x.

Complete kits start at $429 with everything you need to go wireless!


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