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Riding uphill switch backs??

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4/19/2013 7:21 AM

What is the trick in riding a sharp switch back up hill perfectly. Saw my arse big time last week attempting it and now dying to find out how to do it properly??

Please help



4/25/2013 11:17 AM

I've found it helpful to ride it similarly to how you would approach it coming down. In other words, come at it wide and cut to the inside while maintaining center of gravity of the bb. Keep your momentum moving forward and around the switch back in one fluid motion whilst twisting your hips in the direction of the switchback. Don't try and track stand yourself around it (unless your good at that stuff) because it makes it hard to get going again back up a steep one. Just my two cents, Im no pro tho. Hope you find this helpful.


6/4/2013 12:25 PM

^^ agree 100%...
Make sure you are in the right gear before you get to the switchback. Maintain your momentum through the whole turn (slowing down too much and then re-accelerating uses up a ton of energy and can compromise your balance). Start wide, cut to the apex, and end wide (this straightens the turn out some). If it is really steep, either shift your sitting position to the very front tip of the seat, or get off seat entirely to keep your weight properly over the bb. Maintain a steady breathing rhythm so that you do not gas out.