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NEW Bike Park in SoCal!

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12/16/2013 3:49 PM

Ready for a new place to race in Ca? That's our goal, lots of events! It's been a LONG time coming, but we finally have full approval to build GP Park! A new summer program at Mt Waterman. Now the Gravity Pirates are HARD at work building miles of trails. We are woefully short of tools, hardware, wood, etc. We are turning to the mtn bike community for support. Lack of resources will make this build take 10 times longer than it needs to. We are happy to donate our time and sweat...but we need your help. Thanks!


12/17/2013 8:45 AM

One of my first downhill races was at Mt. Waterman more than a decade ago. The location is great, so close to LA. I recall the soil being pretty loose. Are you guys looking to dig down to solid ground, trying to stabilize it or just surf the powder to the bottom?


12/17/2013 5:11 PM

No skiing down. All benching is being done properly. The mineral bed is a good 10" down in a lot of places. So we are moving a LOT of dirt! There are 16 elevated trail features involved as well. Some so clear riparian zones, and some for trail support. We already have about half of the Boneyard trail complete minus the wood. It's inspiring to see the volunteer GP force!
Unofficially we're looking at Jan 4th as the next big group dig day(weather permitting). Hope to see lots of bodies out having fun...we'll get some riding in too if you have energy left!


12/17/2013 6:41 PM

Make it so. I wish I was in the area to help. I recall an old diesel powered chair lift. Is it going strong? Adidas eyewear used to be looking for just such an opportunity and I mentioned Mt. Waterman at the time.


12/17/2013 8:56 PM

Diesel generator still going strong! Lift just got re certified last month. Kinda nice to be off the grid. Water and power on site. Sure wish we had internet there though....It's amazing how much we need our "devices."

Any potential sponsors of the dig or park are welcome to contact me. I'm actively looking for support.


12/18/2013 9:28 AM

Check with Adidas Eyewear. It's actually Silhouette Eyewear who license the Adidas name.