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Mountain Bike Technology

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12/29/2013 5:28 AM

Okay, I think everyone is aware that today the technology in mountain bike is getting more complicated and crazy. Almost all of the parts of the bike use modern technology, and that's great.
But, what do you think about that? With all the technology, will it can erase the essential point of the bicycling activity, in this case to get health? Is the technology in mountain bike helpful or maybe disturb?


1/8/2014 5:17 AM

IMHO new technologies are ok, but new standards sux.

Sometimes when you want change 1 part, u need change a lot of others, like all those headtubes 1.1/8, taper, 1.5, or fork axles 9mm, 15mm, 20mm and every year new "standards" (wheel size, press-fit, bla bla). I don't think we need all of this.

But stuff like new materials, lighter and with bigger endurance are good.

I am kinda happy I finished building 2 bikes and I hope I will ride them for many years wink It is getting me tired to race after all new things and standards smile

P.S. 26' forever! smile


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1/9/2014 5:30 PM

the technology is helpful, and has no ill effect on the healthy aspects. However, the huge drawback is the absolutely outrages highly inflated cost being charged.


1/15/2014 6:24 AM

What about Sealed Drive bikes


1/17/2014 9:04 AM

TrzecieKolo wrote:

IMHO new technologies are ok, but new standards sux.

Sometimes when you want change 1 part, u need change a lot of others, ...more

Some times new technology has to come with new standards to move things forward other wise we would still be using 1" steerer forks ect. but some times gets a bit out of hand wheels sizes for example


1/20/2014 8:21 PM

I just watched a Fit Bikes video and it's plain that with the prevalence of brakeless riders, what the world needs is a new hub design. Here's the Million Dollar Idea ™. I didn't know that I could make a trade mark sign by doing ™ that. Crazy. Any way, the world needs a single speed hub that goes free coaster automatically when you stop pedaling, then only reacts when there is new input, whether forewords for power or backwards for braking. So simple but perhaps too hard to fit in a reasonably sized hub. There's the idea. It's yours. Make your millions and mail me a check ™ . Or is that how free coaster hubs work already? Do they provide the braking which would otherwise require a lever and cable and brake which would of course make the the bike too heavy to ride?