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Chromag + Hydro Brakes

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3/3/2014 8:01 PM

Hey guy's . I'm new here but on VitalBMX I have over 2500 posts so I'm not new to biking / freestyle , just MTB.

Anyways , I have a 2010 Kona Shonky. It's sick but I barely use it , but since more dirt jumps are popping up around here I figured I'll upgrade my Kona and get it ready for the season. The whole bike needs a tune up mind you. I plan on switching to Hyrdo brakes ; I want a really fast enagement for the brakes for skids and slowing down. I've been looking into AVID Elixir 3's . I was curious if anyone rides them and how well they'll work , plus with the rigors of freestyle riding.Any additional info about both would be appreciated !

Another thing I want to pick up , if I get the money , would be some CHROMAG parts. I was checking them out at my LBS and they look amazing. I was just curious how the handlebars and seats by them are. I don't know exactly what models , but I want them haha. Is it worth it to buy a seat and bars even though both my stock ones are fine? Or is it a good investment?

Thanks very much.


3/4/2014 3:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/5/2014 9:42 AM

I like the feel of my Chromag bars, but they do tend to have delicate finishes, whether painted or anodized. And I'm not so stoked on Avid brakes. I'm guessing that they are bled by machines at the factory that somehow cram too much brake fluid into them. It's easily remedied by slightly opening the bleed port in the lever and gently squeezing out a bit of it. But why support a company that would make such a dumb mistake? Shimano brakes have been the most trouble free for me.


3/5/2014 12:56 PM

I say shimano brakes are the way to go, as for bars i've never tried chromags.


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3/17/2014 7:59 AM

Shimano SLX M675 brakes are way better than Elixer 3s. Shimano brakes need to be bleed less and are more consistent. They are also easier to bleed because they use non toxic mineral oil instead of toxic DOT 5.1. I have ridden my Shimano XT brakes 4 times a week all season and I haven't had to bleed them yet, I have also been riding Elixer 5s on my XC bike and they need constant bleeding. Shimano Xts cost $120 each which is the same as Elixer 3s, SLX level brakes cost $80, and Deores cost $70 each. I would recommend SLX brakes over XT beacause they have all of the same features they are just a bit heavier.