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12/14/2013 11:57 AM

Okay I have huge decision infront of me. Two options. First: Build a DJ bike with single speed setup, (including Race face stem and handlebars, shimano acera cranks, b Deore brakes (front and rear), Shimano front hub and Novatech rear hub, etc.) bike would be Brave machine 11 (comes w/ seatpost and DaBomb saddle) plus RS Dart 3 (I know it is XC not DJ fork, but its price is much lower and I searched trough used parts and there's no DJ forks). Budget is under 1000$. Second: Upgrade my current bike (SLX brakes, new casete, maybe 1X10, new cranks, clipless pedals ). Plus, RS Dart 3 (Replacing RS Dart 2, from 85 mm to 100 mm). Same budget. Please have in mind that like a 15 year old I have plans to be FMB rider, and also impress some girls, but also compete on Megalavanche. I'm sorry for grammatical mistakes, I'm not from English speking country.
P.S. No buying used bikes.


12/15/2013 8:55 AM

If the FMB is your main goal, build the dirt jump bike and get jumping. Though I'd look really hard for a sturdier fork. If your main goal is the Mega, update the current bike.


12/15/2013 10:40 AM

As far as fork sturdiness goes, you're right and that would be one of upgrader on DJ. Now, as far as mega goes, I saw it was won on hardtail-singlespeed. Because (and track dropouts on most of bikes) of that I thought about building 3rd wheel (rear one) with internal gear hub (then just add shifter, 2.4 tires, dropper seatpost and reduce lenght of rear brake cable) and from some perspecive it would be good for Mega.