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2010 jamis Kromo problems

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3/16/2012 12:40 PM

ive got a 2010 jamis kromo from a friend and it got this problem when the sprocket is always off and it gets super tight and super loose in one crank.... the kid who i got it from says its called elliptical drive and its supposed to be like that... is there anything i can do? is there really such thing as elliptical drive?


3/17/2012 9:53 AM

Take it off as soon as possible before you drop a chain and crash. It's common with single speed set ups for the chainring to be slightly off center causing a tight spot. But if it's "Super tight and super loose." you run the risk of either a broken chain or a derailment. Either your sprocket is way out of wack or there is a spacer missing. Back in the nineties? there was such a thing as elliptical chainrings. But they were used with a derailleur to take up the slack and eventually someone figured out that they're bad for the knees.


3/19/2012 6:26 PM

thx... after a while of taking apart the entire bb... and measuring the sprocket nd a whole lot of other crap.... i found a little knack in the sprocket hole and thats why its always off so i just put the cranks and sproket bak together and loosend the sproket bolt and alligned the sprocket while it was on the chain... its way better npw but exentualy i will need a new sproket