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1/29/2010 8:38 PM

I need a new bike, i need something under 4000 and able to ride someplace that has a bunch of pedaling like winter park but also can conquer any MSC course, it has to be durable because i i'm in high school and my parents have kinda given up on paying for constant repairs, i'm on a start up bike team that give me discounts on Transitions and Kona i really like the Idea of a 8 inch bike so i like the Transition Blindside, i'm also open to suggestions on bikes i really like Yeti 303r's but they're are more racing so help a biker out


1/31/2010 8:47 AM

with those circumstances i think i wud go with the kona stinky deluxe, ur getting their discounts, im pretty sure its about 8in travel, that bike has the d.o.p.e. linckage thing for the brake/suspension and the hammershimdt front deraileur, and i heard there durable and the back end is stiff, not so familiar with the transition bikes tho sry