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Strength in Numbers on Netflix

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9/17/2014 5:43 AM

So, I'm sitting here watching Strength in Numbers, which just came out on Netflix, and something didn't seem right. It's been a while since I've seen the movie and, eventually, it hit me. The soundtrack is not the original one. I was expecting Guerilla Radio during the Utah scene, Write It All Down while watching the Sweden scene, and so on. It appears to just be music they pulled from the web, completely changing the flow of the movie.

It still pumps me up, but the fact that it is. It the original soundtrack kind of kills it for me. I've owned the movie since it's release and just didn't feel like hooking my computer up to the tv to watch it.

This brings me to two things. A comment and a question. If you are going to watch Strength in Numbers, expect it to be different. It is still good. It is, of course fun to watch, but be aware that it feel different.

And the question is, did Anthill not give up the cash for rights to the songs or is it some bull with Netflix. As an aspiring videographer, this is the most important question for me. When Anthill was the Collective, they helped shape my way of looking through a lens. I am a bit skeptical and would like to know what happened to the soundtrack.

I will be incredibly upset if the same thing happens with Where The Trail Ends, or, and help us all if the NWD series is released and they change all the music.

Figured I would toss this rant out there to anyone who was interested.


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