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How to become "That Cool Security Guard."

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6/16/2021 10:56 PM

I watch a lot of Sam Pilgrim videos. When I'm not fully engrossed in Dusty's channel that is. And he seems to deal with a lot of security guards. And, crazily, they always seem to tell him to stop having fun. And I understand. There's the Fun Police and the Lawyers and all that. I've done my share of street riding and been chased out numerous times. But he has mentioned "That one cool security guard." and I intend to one up him. Here's how...

First step. Become a security guard at a really cool building to ride or skate.

Second step. Be sent to harass, or discover some hooligans having fun on their vehicle of choice.

Third step. Offer the individual, or best rider in the group, an ultimatum... You get one last contest run. It has to be your banger tricks, no resting, do work. The run stops, and they need to leave, when they crash, dab, or balk at doing a trick. The run can last a full minute unless one of the above happens and can last longer as long as said guard is impressed.

Ive been seeing a lot of security guard jobs on Craigs List lately.