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8/19/2013 10:36 PM

Hello! I'm 13 years old and want to start dh. Unfortunately since I'm 13 I have no job therefore it's essentially my parents who would pay for a bike. I'm planning on asking for one for my birthday. I have a budget of about 250. It doesn't need to be anything special just a good bike to learn on that I can add on to as time goes on. My birthdays in two months so please respond soon. Also I'm 5'8" and counting at about 150 pounds. Thank you!


8/20/2013 3:49 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/20/2013 3:50 PM

Hey, im 13 too and I am kinda already into downhill. Ive been riding downhill on just some local trails on my cheap hardtail bike. You dont necesarily need to have a downhill bike to start getting into downhill. And I am also not able to get a job cuz I am 13. But when I turn 14 in november im getting a job to begin saving for a Specialized Demo 8 which is $4,350. Also I really dont think you can get a downhill bike for $250, trust me ive tried that. The first one is the bike I have and the second one is the Demo 8



8/23/2013 2:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/23/2013 7:10 PM

I found a bike that I think you can start with. The Scott Voltage FR 20. Its about $2000


9/7/2013 3:55 PM


Probably the most affordable downhill bike you can get a mid 2000s Kona Stinky. It will be heavy but serve the purpose for downhilling. A better option may be getting a general mountain bike and ride it as much as possible on all types of trials. All of the skills you learn while riding that bike will translate to riding downhill when you get that opportunity. It will also allow you to ride your bike more often because you wont have rely on your parents to bring you somewhere to downhill.