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Trails near Yosemite

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6/18/2013 7:06 PM

My wife and I are going to a wedding in Yosemite national park and spending a few days there with my In-laws. I was hoping to find a spot pretty close and rent a rig and do some riding. I have been looking on line and I haven't found a whole lot. If I could steel the car for the whole day I would go over to Mammoth but I don't think I'll have the chance. Does anyone have some good intel on bike rentals or trails that are close to the Yosemite Park?



6/20/2013 9:30 AM

Out side of the West entrance above Bass Lake near Oakhurst there is the famous 007 and associated trails. They're fast shuttleable DH trails. Or, if you're up for some punishment, you can go all the way up to Shuteye peak. There is a bike shop in Oakhurst, but I'm not sure if they do rentals.


6/20/2013 7:38 PM

Thanks for the heads up Big Bird I'll do some snooping around!