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Race Report - Eastern States Cup #1, Thunder Mountain

All eyes were on the World Cup in Scotland last weekend, but we didn't want you to miss the action that went down at the Eastern States Cup season opener at Thunder Mountain. Starting in March, East Coasters have already seen two Pro GRTs and three Downhill South East races, all with the topic of discussion, "are you going to be at Thunder?''

Eager to get back to the infamous terrain of Thunder Mountain Bike Park, downhill ,enduro and now e-bike riders descended upon the sleepy mountain town of Charlemont, Massachusetts, to kick off the season. The temperatures hovered near 70 degrees, but the thick humidity threatened thunderstorms, keeping attention to the skies and their weather apps. Saturday night rain left Sunday morning practice a little damp in the woods where a few rocks remained stubbornly slick, even catching pros off-guard. When it came time to race, the sun came out and did its best to dry out the track.

The ESC is celebrating 10 years of racing in 2019 and has quite the history of putting on some incredible events with plans to do so in the years to come. For more info on the ESC's schedules, results, and how to sign up for upcoming races, visit

by Jack Rice

Steve Ceballos

Dan O'Connor contorting to the G-forces.

Jordan Daigle

Rachel Pageau

Father and daughter. Mauricio and Ivanna Estrada taking a break to discuss line choice.
Mauricio Estrada

Heather Gray throwing up deuces in the first corner and proceeding to take the amateur women's victory in her first DH race.

Robert White


Sebastian Halpern-Reiss

Making the pass and getting steezy, all in one shot.

Paulo Martins

Mark Schneppel

Isaac Allaire

The rain from Saturday night left some parts of the track slick for Sunday morning practice. This small rock section in particular was one of those places.

Boost master Jake Kahn.
Tristan Lemire is on another level, unfortunately we will have to wait 2 years until the Canadian can enter the WC.

Ian Norris

Michael Maldonado

Defiant Racing young gun, Logan Tiger
ESC trifecta participant, Steve Estabrook

Laura Slavin

After a gnarly crash in practice (probably can tell by her number plate), Mazie Hayden rallied to score her first win of the season in the Pro Women's category.

Matt Driscoll

Big bad Graeme Pitts!

Logan Arthurs
Lobsterman, Jackson Kinney gets a new bike and new team in 2019.

Tristan Gauvin. Look at the kit on this kid, he's even got the new TLD D3 Carbon Jet helmet that Moir's been rockin'.

Dylan Yoder of Probuilds Racing rounding out the action from the ESC.


To the victor goes the spoils...

(U12 Boys)1. Gabriel Johnson 2. Logan Arthurs 3. Tristan Gauvin 4. Austin Perillo 5. Travis Gauvin

(45 plus) 1. Nelson Maldonado 2. Douglass Wilson 3. Andy Marek

(Amateur Women) 1. Heather Gray 2. Renee Werntges 3. Svetlana Mack 4. Sheryl Hunter 5. Michaela Albanese

(U15 Boys) 1. Cristian Suarez 2. Jamie Arquit 3. Logan Tiger 4. Lucas Dedora 5. Jake Sowles

(Amateur 16 to 29 men) 1. Victor Boudreault 2. Antoine Goulet Charles 3. Jake Desmaris 4. Dean Havelock 5. Shayn Kremzar

(Amateur. 30 -44 men) 1. Chris Crispin 2. Aaron Perry 3. Ryan Allard 4. Matthew Perella 5. Brian Kennedy

(Expert 15-18 boys) 1. Tristan Lemire 2. Matt Driscoll 3. Forrest Mello 4. Andrew Driscoll 5. Antoine Jacques

(Expert 19 -29 men) 1. Juan Henao 2. Jacob Langlois 3. Avi Ehrlich 4. James O'Donnell 5. Sean McKnight

(Expert 30-39) 1. David Boisjoly 2. Steve Day 3. Eric Beauchamp-Lachapelle 4. Joshua Miller 5. Felipe Sousa

(Expert 40 plus) 1. Paulo Martins 2. Mark Schnepel 3. Steve Kahn

(Pro Women) 1. Mazie Hayden 2. Rachel Pageau 3. Mary Elges 4. Ivanna Estrada 5. Krisitn Lenart

(Pro Men) 1. Steven Ceballos 2. Mauricio Estrada 3. Steve Estabrook 4. Hugo Langevin 5. Samuel Thibault

Thats a wrap folks! Stay tuned as we willl be bringing you more content from upcoming #USDH events throughout the season. (photo)-Chain Gang Racing pit Pit

For a complete list of results and race times visit:

See PIT BITS from the ESC at Thunder Mountain

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