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Stan Guerrero charging through Fontana's rocky terrain. - Photo by Meg Benitez

The fourth and final round of the California Golden State Championships were held this past weekend in Fontana, California.  The series picked up again after a 5 month summer break and Donny Jackson and the Southridge crew put together one of the best courses that Fontana has seen in a while.  The conditions for the weekend were typical Fontana…hot, dry and dusty.  This course was different in that there was only one course for all racers, no split for Pro/Cat 1 and Cat 2/3 so everyone had a level playing field with which to judge their performance.  And this race had a two run format so the infamous “Wall” was taken out of the equation.  The track conditions were dry, dry, dry and very dusty which led to a lot of riders going down in situations which wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow on any other weekend. Fontana has near desert like conditions, and gives racers a different set of circumstances with which to test their determination and abilities regardless of what level you race.  

Mitch Winalato on his way to another victory. - Cleghorn Photography

In the Pro category, Mitch Ropelato took the top spot this weekend, with KHS rider Kevin Aiello taking second place and ODI/Southridge’s very own Cody Johnson taking third.  This was Cody’s best finish of the season and his progress this year has been promising.  In the Cat 1 Juniors, Jason Schroeder took top honors with Luca Commeti taking second and McKay Vezina coming in third.  For the series overall title, Waylon Smith won the series championship in the Pro category and the prized champions jersey that goes with this series.  In the Cat 1 Juniors, Luca Commeti took the series championship.  

Jason Schroeder sending it! - Blue Fire Pictures

The next race at Fontana is the Annual Challenge set for the weekend of November 19-20.  You can go to for more information and registration.  The Shimano Winter Series will start the first weekend in January and loads of world class racers will be in attendance to get up to pace for the upcoming 2012 national,DH1 and World Cup series.  

Golden State Round 4 Results:

1. Mitch Ropelato - SPS North America
2. Kevin Aiello - KHS 
3. Cody Johnson - ODI/Southridge
4. David K. - ODI/Southridge
5. Logan Binggeli - KHS

Cat 1 Jr.
1. Jason Schroeder
2. Luca Cometti
3. McKay Vezina
4. Dylan Unger

Golden State Championships Overall:

1. Waylon Smith
2. Cody Johnson
3. David K.
4. Adam Digby
5. Jon Buckell
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