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We Are One Momentum Project Episode 1

The Momentum Project Team Camp is in the books!



We Are One Momentum Project

Episode 1 // Team Camp #1, Mt Prevost

Words: We Are One

The Momentum Project is underway with our first team test camp which provides the opportunity to build, bond and come together on one of Canada’s only winter DH spots, Mt Prevost on Vancouver Island.

Mark Wallace and Jon Mozell spent 4 days testing the new Protoype DH bike, while Darren and Vlad dialed in the rig by working with the riders to find the perfect baseline kinematics and suspension set up. With extremely positive rider feedback and the ability to rapidly prototype in Kamloops BC, the team is truly building momentum.

The Momentum Project highlights continuous progress and forward movement. It's a project that suggests unity and a common drive towards something greater. The focus of this team is really an R&D project which aims to push the limits of North American carbon manufacturing, capture podiums and build the best damn DH bike out there!


A huge thank you to all of the team partners:
• Stereo Racing
• Rockshox
• Maxxis
• Ride NF
• Oakley
• Crankbrothers
• Handup Gloves
• Industry Nine
• Dissent Labs

Stay up to date with the team this season - We Are One Momentum Project




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