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Surfing Trails in Oaxaca with Transierra Norte THE RIDE

Winter camp with Canadian Enduro Series in Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

Transierra Norte THE RIDE brings unique mountain bike experiences year-round in Oaxaca Mexico. 

This time we had the opportunity of putting a winter camp with the Canadian Enduro Series, where the times on and off the bike were nothing but the BEST. This solid group of riders came to see the magical culture that Oaxaca has and also to discover all the backcountry hidden trails that the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca has to ride bikes. 

Yes, there are mountains in Mexico
The enchanted forest
Ride & Chill

We love guiding foreign riders in Mexico, especially when we can take them into the deepest parts of the mountains but also show and share the amazing cultural attractions that surround this area, enjoy a Mezcal drink and delight ourselves with the variety of flavors the local gastronomy has. 

Sunset ride

If you ever wanted to travel overseas to ride your bike, Oaxaca is a great place to do it, it has it all from world-class singletrack to the warm weather, great hospitality, and places to visit on your time of the bike. 

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