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With the flurry of people wanting to be able to infinitely adjust their bikes lately, there are a number of products that let you change the geometry.

The cane creek angleset is great, but only works if you have a tapered or 1.5 head tube. its also very expensive.

Dropouts only apply for individual frames that are designed to have replaceable, changeable dropouts.

The only other way at the moment, is shortening the shock. Without spending a lot of money to do things such as shorten the stroke of the shock which will affect the way the shock works considerably, there is one other way.

Offset shock bushings are standard bushings, but with the hole offset towards one side.

Face the hole inwards, towards the shock and it effectively shortens the length of the shock. Making the bike sit lower and slacker.

Face the hole outwards, away from the shock and it effectively lengthens the shock, making the bike do the opposite.

The bushings are machined from solid brass, so are very strong, wear resistant and most of all.. look nice in gold. Even if you can't see them! supplies these very cheaply, for just £10 a bushing!

There is a tonne of information on the website, as well as a safe and secure online ordering system using paypal.

So if your looking for a way of slackening your bike, then have a look and give them a go. Its the most cost effective way of adjusting your geometry.

For a pair of 3mm offset bushings, your looking at a 1- 1.5 degree head angle change, along with as much as an inch of bb drop depending on the bike.

This photo shows some of the bushings - note, they are without the washers in this photo.

International customers - please note. If you do not select the international option when paying you will not be refunded. Simply select international and postage will be added.

When ordering, after you have selected your region, you then update the quantity on the left to how many bushings you want.



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