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Today we will be getting down to to root of all evil, literally.

Cashflow, it hurts us all in getting what we need for our trusty two wheeled (sometimes three wheeled, see below) steeds.


Now, when it comes to being under 18, you can get money either one of three basic ways:

1. Get a part time, or two, like me

2. Beg your parents for their visa

or 3. Get on your knees and close your eyes.

For those who chose my route (1 & 2, 2 not so much), good on you, but keep your schoolwork in check

As for the other two, I don't know what else to say but get some kneepads and some Scope. Which poses my real question for the day, without sponsors (hell I'm still working on my 360's) how can the average kid get into the sport without dropping 1400+ on a solid dirtjump rig.

Sure you can go pick up a Devinci District 2 ,

Money Talks

for $800 CAD at your local shop, but will that take you well into learning spins and be light enough to get everything done as well as more solid bikes. Not so much. People are getting ripped off for OEM forks that have lower quality components than the off the shelf same forks. Say Specialized needs an order of 600 Marzocchi DJ2's for some P2's, but they want to keep their prices low enough to bring in the mid/entry level rider. So the call up Dick Schlong at Marzocchi and say "Okay lets replace half the internals with lead, and throw some elastomer in there to boot!" All youre left with is a shiny, great looking, 34 pound beast out of the box.

Don't get me wrong, not everyone can afford to build a bike from the frame up, let alone have the knowledge or tools to know how to do so without the help of a Local Bike Shop. Its just shitty seeing bike companies able to make their bikes for super cheap, and once it gets into your hands and the manufacturer, the distributor, and the LBS owner have got their cut, you're paying double and end up with something not as nice as it should be. So I'm calling out all bike manufactures and saying, why not just throw in that little bit of a nicer headset, maybe upgrade to some better cranks, and not make stock parts sound like they are. Stock. Original Inferior to replacements.

I want to see a good quality DJ bike with SOLID components, they don't have to be Fox 831's, oh no, but at least keep the package reasonably cheap for the entry level consumer. I understand that you need to cover your payrolls and make your profits, but there has to be a way to keep it good for everyone. Im pleased with good manufactures like Devinci and Mirraco that produce solid bikes, with good brand names off the shelf that are extremely competitively priced for your intro to mid-high level buyer.

I'm not so pleased with say, the prices of a Transition Double. Its my dream frame, straight up beautiful, but worth $1900 frame + Lowest level shock only? Come on. Its just aluminum, a bit of CNC, and a few hours with a welder! Either way, I will get that bike. All while I'm waiting for mine to come back from paint to show off my colour coordinated orange and blue beast.

However, when you look on the other side of things, there's bills to pay, taxes to pay, machines to buy parts for, and so on and so forth. Everyone needs to make their quota and all. Its hard to get into this sport without financial help. You best bet, is to get something decent, by way of online sale, what have you, and get good, send some pictures or video to some companies and see what you can get subsidized. Hard work, is truly the only thing that will get you what you want,

And anyway, is a bike ever really finished?

Not for me.

Off for now!

Colin W

PS. Its bike day tomorrow! My frame will finally be finished from the powdercoater!

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