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The week started off the ever so necessary maple syrup.

Paired with the maple syrup the dry track conditions made for some interesting faces from Jack and Aaron during track walk.

Worlds bike builds are in full swing, prototypes and final personal tweaks all in place for some practice.

Signature leaver drilling on Gwin

World always brings out the best in paint jobs along with creating amazing opportunities on what the athletes can do with those paint jobs.

Neko partnered with Can'd Aid again this year to raffle off his worlds bike to buy underprivileged kids their first bikes.

The raffle was a success and we were able to raise $26,565 that all went to buy bikes for 1st grade students in low income areas. For many of these kids, this was their first bike. This year I am doing the same thing with the hopes to build on the success from last year with a goal of raising $50,000. My race bike is the top prize, then my custom team USA race gear, and also lots of extra product giveaways from my sponsors. All of the money raised goes directly to buying bikes and helmets for undeserved kids.

Donate Here

Jack's worlds bike, always an amazing color scheme.

Aaron's 279 prototype. 29' up front and 27.5' in the rear. First time getting this guy up to speed.

You can feel the speed deep in your belly by just looking at this.

Jack looking light and fluffy just like a baby kangaroo.

Fortunately practice was dry, ideal conditions to break in the prototype.

Is Neko making his bike look good or is the bike doing the work?

Quali's - World takes the top 80 and their are 81 riders entered into the show. 

Strategy is to just finish, a fitting strategy for the change in conditions.


Tire choice plus the good and bas vision left Neko with 12th and Aaron in 37th.

Jack cracked the top 10 with 7th in quali's

- Finals - "One Race, Once Chance, For all the marbles." -Jack Moir

Neko finishing his week with a solid run, putting him into 23rd.

“Happy with the weekend at Mont-Sainte-Anne. I felt good on track and was happy with my approach to the final. I pushed the front wheel and saved a crash that cost me some time in my race run, but was happy to be riding at a fast pace.”- Neko Mulally

Jack finishing 18th with a safe solid run.

“Had a heap of fun riding MSA this year. I felt good on track all weekend and was super excited to race. Happy with how I rode, and a step in the right direction from the last few races, but was hoping for a little more result wise.”- Jack Moir

Aaron let her eat and improved his quali placement with a 12th for the day.

“I had a lot of fun being back at the races this weekend. It’s been a tough couple of months at home injured, and with only a few weeks on the bike, I’m happy with where I’m at. I fought hard and it’s good to be right back in the mix with the top guys. Looking forward to getting stronger and back up to full speed as soon as I’m able.”- Aaron Gwin

Will team Mustache return next week?

“First, it was great to have Aaron back racing. I know how hard it has been for him to miss the past few races, but he’s been patient and come back at the right time. At the same time, let’s be honest, the top 5 – 6 guys are on another level right now. But this team is a group of people who are going to take the challenge to catch up to these guys. I believe it’s coming.”- Todd Schumlick

To support Neko's goal of raising 50k to get underprivileged kids on a bicycle please donate here

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