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The first Guerrilla Gravity frames are now available! 0

The time has come. Guerrilla Gravity is now ready to invite a select group of riders to be a part of the GG/DH Beta prototype campaign.

For many months now we have been testing the GG/DH Alpha prototypes. And, to be honest, it’s gone way better than we could have hoped. The bikes ride awesome--they’re lively, pedal well, and are stiff laterally. Now we are moving on to the Beta prototypes. 15 pre-production Beta GG/DH prototypes are available to the public via Kickstarter.

Raising money to produce the Betas is the primary goal of the campaign, but beyond that we hope to raise enough money to establish a brick-and-mortar facility that will be open to the public. In addition to space and tooling to aid in manufacturing the bikes, we want to offer our riders a basic showroom for the bikes and a service department.

What is Guerrilla Gravity?

We are a new rider-direct mountain bike frame manufacturing company. We build our bikes right here in Denver, Colorado. Our focus is on the gravity-fueled side of mountain biking--park riding, downhilling, dirt jumping, and the fun part of trail riding.

We have lots of big ideas for you, but first we must complete the Beta prototypes. If you’re interested in being one of the first people on a Guerrilla Gravity bike, this is your golden ticket. We've also provided many other ways for you to help out the cause. Even if you just get a sticker, you’re awesome and we really appreciate every bit of support!

So what’s this GG/DH bike?

It’s the downhill workhorse. It’s the bike for those that like to get out and ride day in and day out, riders that want something that’s high performance, but also easy to maintain. It’s a refined design without any unnecessary complication. The geometry is low, slack, and adjustable. The suspension is progressive and the frame laterally stiff. The ride is lively, making it easy to snap around and pop over the gnar. To boot, it pedals amazingly well with the designed anti-squat characteristics. And don’t worry, we’re not the only ones who have ridden them and said this. This has been the feedback from everyone we’ve handed them off to.

Plus, it’s made in Colorado!

For a full list of specs and geometry click here.

One more thing, the Betas will be black with white graphics (in other words, BA).

What do we need to know about buying a Beta?

We are looking for our Beta riders to provide us valuable feedback on how the bikes ride, how easy they are to maintain, and any other areas they think could be improved for the production version. In exchange for your feedback, we're giving you great pricing on build kits and upgrades. Email us for information on the builds,

Anything else?

Oh yeah! The GG Rider Program. Those that purchase a Beta will be the first riders to have access to the program. With this, we provide our Riders with race support, a referral credit when your friend buys a GG bike, and at least 10% off products and services from our sponsor companies (for a full list, click here). And this is just the start--the next phases include plans for skills clinics, discounted bike repair service, and special Rider events, just to name a few.

Why are you rider-direct?

Our rider-direct nature allows us to compete with the major manufacturers making their bikes in Taiwan, which is almost all of them. Not only are we creating manufacturing jobs in North America, we're also supporting many other local businesses along the way--welders, machine shops, tube benders, etc. The benefits of Colorado manufacturing don't stop there. It also allows for a quicker time-to-market and beginning-to-end management of quality control, a frequent issue with overseas manufacturing.

Further, because we're rider-direct, we're one big step closer to the riders. It allows us to communicate directly with you, our fellow mountain bikers. We can find out what you want out of your bikes, what you want out of us as a company, and what you want out of mountain biking. Our focus is on being the best by creating the best for our Riders; your input is vital. And we get to offer you sweet deals, like the GG Rider Program.

Who is behind GG?

Guerrilla Gravity is a three person venture at the moment, with Will as the business/branding/strategy leader, Kristy in charge of the sales side of the business, and Matt as the chief design engineer. We are all avid riders and racers, which is of course crucial to developing something that works well. Will has a passion for entrepreneurship and small business strategy. His career has been centered around startups and he is now applying what he has learned towards GG. Kristy is an accomplished sales professional and an entrepreneur in property management. Matt's résumé includes designing and fabricating racecar frames & suspension systems, with additional industry experience in aerospace and industrial product manufacturing as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer.

By supporting this project you are supporting North American manufacturing, gravity-fueled mountain biking, and a community-driven bicycle company. Thank you!

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