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Brandon Watts, Jon Angermeier, Chris Grundberg, and Jordan Bergeson are only a few of the crew members that make up Freehub Media, and they're pictured here at the 'old' World Headquarters in Bellingham, WA.

“We are the mud on your back, the loam in your shoes, and the grease on your chain. It sounds weird to say, but when the stories of Freehub hit press we feel like we were there for every moment of the adventure - a fly on the wall, or more likely, a squirrel in a tree. The stories that our readers relay inspire us to get out and ride, and then share those experiences with others in the hope that they’ll do the same.

The Freehub mission is to harness stories from readers, friends, and family around the globe that inspire others to ride and explore their natural (or sometimes un-natural) bike surroundings. The product we create is a direct reflection of people that help create the world of bikes, and keep it moving and expanding. Two years ago, we had a dream to create a tool that was forged by the people, for the people - one that helps share knowledge, inspiration, and stories among like-minded individuals. That dream is slowly coming alive and we have you to thank. It’s your support that has helped us share the community generated stories that fill our publication; so we thank you for your inspiration!”


Freehub strives to be different than any other Mountain Bike publication out there, and will always showcase community generated content and a mixture of Art and Photography on their covers as shown here in their first 3 issues.

Our Product

Freehub Magazine is a bi-annual print publication that circulates twice a year as two collective Mountain Bike journals. The publication is distributed through Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstar, Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), Hudson News, and local bike shops around the United States and Canada. Our primary focus is in the community and the people that make our international biking community so great. It is these people that drive us to produce one of the only community generated mountain bike publications in the world. Our unique global approach to mountain bikers allows our users to share ideas and experiences as well as to socialize within the web and print format. This creates a strong bond to many passionate riders, organizations, companies and communities. One such passionate reader wrote us recently after spotting the annual at a Barnes & Noble store. “Your magazine caught my eye amongst the sea of flashy covers and bike reviews,” he said. “I read your bio, and thought ‘These people are just like me!’ We love riding bikes, and most of all adventure.”


Contents Page of the newest Freehub Volume that hit newsstands October 25th.


Grassroots Cycles in Grand Junction, CO wrote one of three trail and ride reviews in Volume 2.2. Others that accompany it in 2.2 are from Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane, UT and Revolution Bike & Bean in Bloomington, IN.


Freehub loves to feature different riders from different disciplines, and issue 2.2 has a DJ profile on Sam Dueck, a Cyclocross profile on Barry Wicks, and a DH profile on Brian Mullen.

As quoted in a review by the Library, “Freehub very successfully combines the coffee-table visual impact of ‘Flyfish Journal’ with the curation of online readers’ submissions pioneered by the unfortunately short-lived ‘Everywhere’ magazine. Freehub’s content is all freely available online at the publisher’s website, but the lushly produced semiannual print magazine provides a more permanent memento for serious mountain bikers. The curation of the best photography and writing from passionate readers makes Freehub intense and authentic. Photos, essays, and interviews feature professional and serious amateur riders with a “no fear” attitude doing jumps and stunts in beautiful settings. Young and daring bicyclists will be delighted to discover this in their public libraries. It’s the perfect thing to read while those broken bones heal.”


Photography is an important and expressive part of sharing and documenting our world, so we curate profiles on emerging and established photographers like this image from a current profile on Mason Mashon. Other inspiring photographers in our current issue are Colin Wiseman and Paris Gore.

Much like photography, we feel that video and filmers share the same sense of expression and knowledge of our sport. This issue showcases the projects and work of Colt & Jessee Maule from Projekt Roam and Ben White.


Rocky Knob Bike Park is one of our four different features in 'Our World', a section that is dedicated to the endeavors associated with growing and building our sport. For our current issue we showcased the Bearclaw Invitational, COPMOBA, Rocky Knob, and the Garden Dirt Jumps in Chicago.

We take pride in offering the very people who read Freehub a chance to get published by submitting their own stories based on personal experiences. In the magazine you can find trail and ride reviews, profiles on riders, photographers and filmers, stories focused on companies and their origins, stories on biking communities, and authentic Freehub features. If you care to contact us for content submissions, subscriptions, or feedback you can do so through our website at


If you subscribe to our premium subscription package, you get a Cedar Plank Logo T-Shirt and Freehub stickers!

Thanks for your support, and please understand that you make our world go round!

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