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Side Hits 002 - Rowdy Riding In South England With Billy Spurway

Side Hits are back! You already know... This time we've got the rowdy style on the boy Billy Spurway, tearing up his local in southern England. Long live the style cat. A true riders' rider, Billy lets his fun aggressive style shine and is always out having a hoon with buddies. We hope this vid gets you as stoked as it got us!


Side hits are rad; everyone loves them. They’re fun, approachable, jibby, and let us express our creativity. Forbidden Side Hits is a series of short creative videos about having fun riding bikes. They’re a parking lot jibbin’, bike park berm slappin’, rock garden rodeo ridin’, trail speed trail gappin’ good time. Hold on to your tire levers cause these videos are gonna blow the bead right off your rim. Don’t forget to charge your AXS batteries either, cause this stuff will make even the nerdiest of comment section warlords kick the keyboard to the curb, mount their stead and ride off into the next craft IPA-laden sunset.

vitalmtb7.jpg?VersionId=xP3fLyPpkM46Bq OOS

Now, sit back and enjoy. It's only a minute after all. Your work can wait.
Like what you see? Keep your eyes peeled for more Side Hits soon...

vitalmtb4 vitalmtb5.jpg?VersionId=kjw1ayg3T5Bj

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