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2022 Mondraker FOXY Carbon RR with Swaps

'22 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR: Size Large, as shown 30.8 lbs - probably my lightest bike in a long time.
'22 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR: Size Large, as shown 30.8 lbs - probably my lightest bike in a long time. It's been a hell of a year for our family (everything's looking good now though) but I wanted to get some gold accents as a reminder of my baby's fight with cancer - not typically a "bling" guy but I can make exceptions right? I don't MIND. Mondraker's telemetry isn't availablt in the US. Whether it's a app thing, a tech thing or whatever it doesn't really bum me out. Having been around race telemetry I kind of shake my head at an algo interpreting my ride and making suggestions without a lot of input from the rider like "ya - that was the bike, or no - that was probably me" etc, etc.

Something about sharp, clean lines always catches my eye. Magura MT5 brakes - I've ridden about everything on the market. But, Magura has the best balance of power and modulation, period. And the MT5 "long" lever, when mounted inboard provides a great feel for even a bit more modulation. The savings here, without compromising performance made it easier to focus the budget in other directions. This is my first bike with an Ohlins rear shock. So far it's been pretty tuneable to my taste. I've got some volume spacers I'm going to add before my next ride for a little bit more "pop" (I'm a bigger rider and like the bike to have a bit more support and behave lively when pumping the trail) Like the TTX, the Ohlins RXF 36 M.2 is my first Ohlins fork. It is a very compliant fork out of the box - to the point that I've really been working to get the right amount of support out of it. After my extended first ride I've got it closer, but I need to balance the High Speed Compression and Ramp a bit more. It's a confident fork and has been so far pretty easy to work with. I expect to get it dialed in. Ohlins RXF 36 M.2 compression controls. Did I mention I love the mean lines? I did. Well. Then. BTW I love the mean lines. Find a saddle you like? Why look anywhere else is kind of my 2 cents... The wrong saddle, well it's a pain in the, ok that's cliche and old at this point. But I've had good luck with the Ergon lineup. I ride CroMoly saddles typically (as eventually I'll bend just about anything hitting trying to collect the bike or whatever) The savings here helps me move the budget around in other places too. It's interesting how much bikes have changed, and, well, I've gotten older maybe too? When the aggressive 29s first came around it was negative stems, low hands to make them work. Now, its about getting your hands into a power position (and in my case somewhere I can pedal the bike with the least stress on my lower back). Tag Carbon T1 40mm rise bars mounted to a 40mm stem with just enough stack under to get my kids seat adapter on there... (priorities right?) I was "THIS" close to keeping my old red King handbuilt wheels (which I loved) until I popped out the Magura MT5's silver puck accents and saw how mean this rear end looked and had to keep the black stock hub/wheel combo! Another look at the MT5 caliper. I will put in the Magura 8 series brake pads this week sometime instead of the "connected" pads shown here the 8 series (which fit the 4 piston MT7 and MT5 brakes) have 1 pad per piston and feature a connecting pin that you won't see on these pads. In the past we've gotten a bit of strife for posting alley photos. There's a couple reasons. Notably, not all of our clients are going to post there own stuff and we want to highlight some of our favorite or special builds. But here's mine in the dirt chasing the sun on its first ride. Getting that additional data for my Mondraker FOXY Carbon Extended First Ride Review day 2 in Mission Trails in San Diego. BTW E-Ticket is a great setup / testing trail as it has a tool kit at the top, is quick and features a little bit of everything. Mondraker on E-Ticket in San Diego into a series of corners. Gotta test those bizarre lines to really learn a bike! Thanks for the read - keep an eye out on for more about this Mondraker Foxy Experience.  See you on the trails -
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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame Mondraker FOXY Carbon RR
Rear Shock Öhlins TTX Air 205x65mm
Fork Öhlins RXF 36 M.2 160mm, 170mm Option
Headset Acros with internal cable routing
Handlebar TAG Metals T1 Carbon, 40mm Rise (spec change from RR) 35mm dia
Stem Race Face Turbine R 40mm (spec change from RR) 35mm dia
Grips Ergon GE1 Factory Evo (spec change from RR)
Brakes Magura MT5 (spec change from RR)
Brake Levers Magura MT5 (spec change from RR)
Shifters SRAM GX Eagle
Front Derailleur -------
Rear Derailleur SRAM GX Eagle
Cranks SRAM GX Eagle 175mm
Chainrings / Sprocket absoluteBLACK 32t Oval (spec change from RR)
Bottom Bracket SRAM DUB
Chain KMC X-12 (spec change from RR)
Cassette / Rear Cog SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 10-52t
Pedals -------
Front Rim DT Swiss EX1700 30mm Internal Width
Rear Rim DT Swiss EX1700 30mm Internal Width
Hubs DT Swiss 350 36t Ratchet
Spokes DT Swiss Straight Pull
Front Tire Maxxis 2.5 Minion DHF EXO+
Rear Tire Maxxis 2.4 Minion DHR II EXO+
Saddle Ergon SM Enduro (spec change from RR)
Seatpost FOX Transfer Performance 175mm
Seatpost Clamp -------
General Info
Model Year 2022
Riding Type Trail / All-Mountain
Weight 30 lb 8 oz (13835 g)
Additional Info New Bike Day is a blast even if you're in the industry... It's been a long time since I put something new in my garage but I'm stoked to have this Mondraker Foxy build. Over the years I've put a focus on budget into performance, but without breaking the bank. The modern GX (even the cranks feel SOOO refined) works great, Magura MT5 offer insane performance at great pricing - all of which made it easier for focusing the budget in some other directions, like the gold accents to represent children's' cancer's gold ribbon for my daughter who's beating Infantile Fibrosarcoma! #fightlikeakid Check out more details on this build as well as my extended first ride impressions on!
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