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                                                                       ALTA Racks Vs. Recon Racks.

After using the basket mount vertical racks, most people quickly identify the ease and convenient of such systems. The racks do not, contact the frame of the bike, it is a tire interface carry system. The upright also helps with keeping some the road grime off of your expensive toys.

Here are key differences between the racks, starting at the baskets. ALTA Racks vs. Recon Racks

BASKETS- in the one of the most important part of the rack, for Alta Racks Vs. Recon Racks.

 Recon Rack general size baskets are not the best way to carry multiple bikes. In many cases we carry bikes with different tire widths. Picture a fat bike next to a road bike, the lean of the bike can be varied with general size baskets based on the width of the tire, creating interference with handle bars, and forcing the user to skip a basket. To counter this, the rack must be made wider to accommodate those multi width tire cases. Even then, fat bikes will always be a problem. They stand close to erect due to the general basket design.

 ALTA uses three different baskets widths to create the best carry experience, we take out the wobble, and the jerks out of your bikes while vertical. The videos on our site will prove that. The lean is controlled, this creates a comfortable ride for the bike removing any unnecessary forces on the hub and the wheel.

The bungee rope system is what is used by the recon folks, ALTA uses the Voile straps that are world famous for their toughness and long-lasting characteristics.

There is no option for adjustability with the recon rack. ALTA covers that like champ, sliding baskets allow for infinite adjustability. Combined with size specific baskets, we have the narrowest six carrier on the market. The sliding baskets are removable, converting the rack to other sport carrier as well. There is so much more to come.

RISE- Recon extends out horizontally from the hitch without any rise. ALTA immediately rises once exiting the hitch receiver, creating instant rise for the bike putting an XL frame bike in line with the bottom of your bumper. That means if you bumper clears it, the bike will too. Recon can drop the bikes below the bumper line.

RUN- ALTA Racks has adjustable distance of 25 to 27 inches away from your vehicle, creating the distance needed to clear truck tail gates, van doors, flip up doors with bikes on. Recon has a very short run.

PIVOT- both rack pivot back to allow for flip up back doors to clear and fully allow access to the vehicle. Where they differ is the safety system, or the lack of one. There are no secondary stoppage or safety for the recon rack, once the pivot is released there is no secondary stopping point. ALTA system has a triple safety, using military design principals, and rugged off-road engineering experience. Start with the locking latch. It is a 20,000 PSI cold rolled steel latch, spring loaded and with a grease zirg for greasing. Secondary, is hard steel 5/8-inch removable safety pin, it sandwiches the vertical beam perfectly for best fit. The third stop is our OSP or the Outer Safety Pin. This is the rack stopping point when it drops back. Three safety points to ensure that your precious cargo running upwards of $60 K will arrival safely and without damage.

LOWER BAR- Our interface is a laser cut and formed with a flat surface; we use the softest and the toughest straps I n the market made by Voile.  Infinite adjustment is available by adjusting the location of the straps for full pedal clearance. The flat surface creates no friction with the side walls, and the voile straps do an amazing job holding the rear wheel in place. Recon uses laser cut pre formed wheels cut out, with bungee ropes. The recon cutout, create an aggravated friction point due to vibration and harmonic frequencies that travel thru the rack. In simple words, its like taking a butter knife against a tire for the entire length of your drive time.

OFFROADING- Check our site for ton of video all over Utah. It passed the grueling test of the Black Sage festival for over 6 hours of continuous off-road service for top rides in the world, including Carson Storch and Ethan Nell. We build this rack to off-road, and have specific system and features such as the retractable straps to lock in the rack and sync it with the frame of the vehicle.

We can go on for a while, but you have probably stopped reading this way before getting here. If you got any questions, Call, text, or email us. Thanks for reading this. We are very passionate about what we do and aim to create the best products in the market. We use everything we build, and put our name and life time warranty behind it. Made in the USA, ALWAYS.

Then the whole life rack approach creates that comprehensive solution we are looking for. ALTA RACKS chasing perfection and bringing joy.

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